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Oh lovely! This new book, and the controversy surrounding it, make my belief in spanking look bad. First off, I don’t agree at all with the book, most of it anyway, and I certainly do NOT agree with child abuse of any kind. I believe that the parents under arrest for killing their adopted 7 year old(link above) had nothing to do with spanking but had everything to do with child abuse, plain and simple. I spanked my children when needed and neither of them ever came close to death, just absurd to link the two.  I believe a spank is an open hand “swat” to the tush or hand and anything else is not a spanking. I also believe that once your child knows that you are not messing around and that they WILL receive a spanking when warned and not just a time out in the corner,or a “talking” to, they do listen! Once you have established this knowledge, a simple look will do the trick. I haven’t had to spank mine in years because they know the consequence. They are very well aware of “The Look” I have to admit, my son needed much more discipline then my daughter. I think I can count on two fingers the times I had to spank my daughter and she is 7.  Different children need different discipline and we as the parent need to know what works for our children. That being said, I do believe that our society now a days is so terrified to spank their children that we are raising a bunch of bratty children that don’t respect adults at all, or know how to socialize with other kids if they don’t get their way.

I have another blog on spanking in my “There I Said It” section, feel free to read on……../there-i-said-it/spanking

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