Vegan and Raw Could You Eat This Way?

I have always gone back and forth on how I eat and how the family eats. Sun Cafe, in Studio City, CA has some amazing options and makes it easy for you. I was so excited when they offered me a 21 day cleanse.  They offer 3, 7 or 21 day detox – cleanses.  The 7 and 21 day all have raw food options with them which makes it easier for me. 

What I love about Sun Cafe is that they educate  you along the way and give you tools to make it easier..

Below you will see what Sun Cafe offers ( you can email them at  email [email protected] )  and some things to look for in a program. If you are in the area I highly suggest trying this out. If you live in other areas, use this as a tool to find something near you!

Day 1 :
Power OJ:  Orange juice, ginger, lemon
Southern Hospitality:  Collard grens, mustard grens, pear, cucumber
Romaine Mint Refresher: Romaine lettuce, fresh spearmint, apple
Root Revival:  Beet, carol, lemon, pear, cucumber, turmeric
Charco-Nade: Lemon, coconut water, charcoal, maple syrup, cinnamon
Chick Salad: Sunflower sed chick salad, pecans, celery over greens and romaine
Sushi: Non, jicama ‘rice’, spinach, marinated portobello, red pepper, sun-dried tomato,avocado, and chives


Is a cleanse right for me?  Cleanses are recommended for anyone looking to feel rejuvenated, clear-minded, and physically replenished. Cleanses are a god idea for anybody under the age of 65, healthy,and not currently under regular doctor’s care.

Which cleanse should I do?:  lt’s pretty easy to decide -how do you want to feel? The three day is excellent for a beginners cleanse, and introduction to detox. This is commonly referred to as the “bender-ender”. The seven-day cleanse is for a fully replenished heart and mind, increasing energy and motivation. This is god for seasoned cleansers, and motivated first-timers looking for a real change. The 21 day program ¡s recommended only for people experienced in cleansing, and those looking for a big emotional and spiritual shift.

So. it’s just juice? No food?  False! Although the 3-day cleanse program is all juice, the other two include meal plans with Ron Russel’s meal box program. The seven day has two days of food, and the 21-day has two weeks of meal plans.

What makes this god for me?  The direct benefits of a juice cleanse are plentiful, and include but are not limited to greatly improved digestion, increased motivation, increased energy, mental clarity, an easier time waking up/going to bed, better circulation, and promotion of god hydration. Mind and body will reward you for a cleanse.

But I’m allergic to:  Thankfully, the programs are easily adjustable for any sort of allergy or dietary accommodation. Gluten, soy, corn, and nut free are very easy to avoid, and fruits or veggies you might be allergic to can be subbed out easily.

How much does it cost?
Three day cleanse – $195
Seven day cleanse – $395
Twenty-one day cleanse – $995






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