Victoria Recaño’s Style

Victoria Recano and Samantha Harris

Her laugh is contagious, she’s an ace in the kitchen and she’s not afraid of critics.

An interview Victoria Recaño’s style.

My conversation with Victoria has being one of the most pleasant ones I’ve had lately. She is so easy to talk to and down to earth; you want to become her friend, and not because she is an Emmy award winning Television personality, but because she seems to be a women  you would always have fun with.

Victoria considers herself lucky in many ways; she has beautiful family and great career and she has a svelte figure by nature. “It’s good genetics,” said Recaño. “I eat a lot of vegetables; I love broccoli; I never drink sodas; I love red wine;, now and again”.

Her Family is her priority

Victoria had been married to Tom Burwell for 8 years when they decided it to get pregnant; they both have a beautiful 9 month old little girl who they named Maximilienne Elizabeth, their “Emme. “

“My pregnancy was awesome! It was so easy and enjoyable, and I had no complaints at all,” said Recaño.

Victoria now has even a busier life. In addition to being a wife and new mom, she is proud to be the co-anchor on KTLA 5, News at 6 and 10pm. She and her husband are also part of the new reality show on WeTV; :“Platinum Babies,” which Victoria says; that they had a lot of fun doing. Victoria is also a judge of the first-ever Peanuts 60th Anniversary Photo Look-A-Like Contest.

We all know there euphorically positive and yet sometimes challenging aspects of being a mom; so, I asked Victoria;, “What is the thing you love and hate the most about being a Mom?”“The thing I love the most is having my daughter smile at me all the time and what I hate the most is being away from her.”

The International Kitchen of Victoria

You would probably never guess that Victoria is an ace in the kitchen. “I absolutely love to cook, and with my father being Spanish and Filipino we do celebrate a lot of cultures.”; “family is very important, “said Recaño.”I make a lot of international dishes, such as; Italian; I make Paella, rice dishes .I definitely would be introducing my daughter to different foods of the world. The foods I grew up eating as well, “said Recaño.

“Do what feels right for you”. Vitoria Recaño.

Being in front of the camera, Victoria is judged by her audience all the time. But in reality you don’t have to be a celebrity to be the target of critics on the way you live your life. “When people give you advice on how to do this or that, I think you should take everyone’s advice and think it through. In other words; don’t pressure yourself,” said Recaño. “For example, some women can’t breastfeed; well you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself and think you’re a terrible mother because you can’t breastfeed.” I’m sure many mothers can relate to this.

Like many of us, Victoria gets a lot of support from her mother on how to raise her little girl. She says it is her mother who has  given her the best advice on motherhood yet.; “She’ll say.; “Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, because the baby will sense your nervousness and sense your stress.” “So relax and enjoy each and every moment with your kids.” said Recaño.

Victoria and her Big Heart.

Besides her family and work, Victoria is compromise on giving a hand to those in need; she is an active volunteer for Catholic Charities, where she says; “enjoys preparing food and serving the homeless.” It is amazing to me how she finds the time to do this.

Victoria is not only a HOT MOM, but she definitely has a style of her own. The Recaño Style!


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