Victoria’s Secret Comes Under Fire For Photoshop Fail After Giving Model Only One Butt Cheek!

Victoria’s Secret has become the butt (pun intended) of many internet jokes after an ad for their Cheeky Underwear posted to their facebook and twitter pages showed a model who was clearly photoshopped.

victoria secret butt cheek photoshop failure


In case you didn't notice upon first glance, it appears that the models left butt cheek is missing! I'm not sure if I'm more disappointed that Victoria's Secret would think that the left side of the picture looks better than the right, or that someone who works at Victoria's Secret let this image be published! Is there no final image approval happening anymore?!

Commentors voiced their amusement and disgust for the lingerie company for feeling the need to photoshop so drastically, with some writing 'VS photos say, "Get skinny get skinny get skinny so you can be hot hot hot!" Am I the only one that hears that?' and 'I don't want to shop at Victoria's Secret after seeing this pic. Sell clothes, not bodies ! This pic is soooo unflattering…what are they thinking' ?!?!?'.




Many people have also responded that this is why they are shopping more and more at AERIE after that lingerie retailer launched their #AerieReal campaign. The Real campaign promises that all images that Aerie uses in promotion are unretouched and completely real. It looks like Victoria's Secret could use a dose of real right about now! I can tell you that I would much rather take my daughter to Aerie to buy her lingerie than I would to VS and buy from their Pink line because I'd rather her see real women and girls on the walls instead of these photoshopped women with unrealistic bodies.

What do you think Hot Moms? Does it anger you to see such blatant photoshop, especially on a model who looks pretty damn amazing to begin with? Will this impact whether you shop at Victoria's Secret or not?


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