Video! Watch These 3 Biological Siblings Find The Best Present Under The Tree – Adoption Papers!

Dec 15, 2015 at 1:04 pm |

I’m feeling particularly emotional these days, with Christmas just around the corner and the holiday season in full swing. It’s been so heartwarming to read all those amazing Santa stories and random act of kindness stories, and even the story with the sisters who found a new baby brother under the tree. They’ve all brought a tear to my eye, but this is one story  that had me flat out sobbing because it’s just so amazing and wonderful.

In this video that was posted in April but is just going viral now (I’m assuming because it’s a Christmas video), YouTube user Sarah Perks and her husband present their 3 foster children with the ultimate Christmas present – adoption papers. The reaction of the eldest boy is enough to make your heart break with happiness, and you’ll just want to hug everyone in this video, I promise you. I love that this family opened their heart and their home and kept these three siblings together, to make one big happy family!

Watch the heartwarming video below and SHARE it with anyone you think could use a nice, uplifting cry today!


These 3 biological siblings get the best Christmas present ever from their Foster parents – adoption papers!