Watch This Grandmother’s Adorable Reaction To Finding Out Her Granddaughter Is Having Triplets

Jan 12, 2016 at 6:15 pm |

Pregnancy reveals are always fun because there’s nothing quite as wonderful as being able to share your most joyous news with your family and close friends and the people that love you the most. I love that now that everyone has smartphones, it becomes that much easier for us to video tape the reactions of our family and friends when we give them the good news, because when then we get gems like this. Remember when this woman told her parents she was pregnant by playing Jimmy Fallon’s infamous ‘Whisper Game’? Hilarious!


A young woman by the name of Mary Cooksey Patterson wanted to share her good news with her grandmother, but grandma had no idea what she was about to see!

Finding out your granddaughter is pregnant with one baby is exciting, but finding out she’s pregnant with triplets is mind blowing!