Watch This Woman Dances Through Labor Pains In Hilarious Viral Video

Jan 7, 2016 at 4:43 pm |

I’ve had a few babies in my time (4 to be exact) and I can promise you that I was in no mood for dancing any of those 4 times, so every time I see a video of any woman who is 9 months pregnant and ready to literally have a baby dancing like she’s in the club, I can’t help but be impressed! Remember this woman who whip and nae nae’d herself through her labour pains?! Impressive!

Ambz Shi Murphy was in the hospital waiting for her baby to arrive when apparently she figured it was time to get things going, and nothing gets things going better than a little twerking. Or maybe she was just bored waiting for her baby to decide to come out and decided it was time for a little impromptu dance party. Either way, Ambz has some serious moves.

Watch this video by clicking through you will laugh!!

You have never seen twerking like this before!