Watch This Woman Share A Time Lapse Video Of Her Pregnancy

Jan 26, 2016 at 9:26 pm |

Pregnancy is a really cool thing. It’s amazing all the changes a body goes through during those 40 weeks of pregnancy. Model Farris Patton, who hosts The Farris and Jimmy show on YouTube along with her husband Jimmy decided to video her changing body throughout her pregnancy and post what she calls ‘an epic pregnancy progression’ video on their page.

In the video Farris wears the same bikini and measures her growing belly while standing in the same spot for each week of her 40 week pregnancy. While I’m pretty sure she could have started around week 18 (her body didn’t change much prior to that) this is a pretty cool way to document your changing body. I think it’s also a pretty cool video to show her baby once she’s old enough to understand it. It is pretty amazing what a body does when it’s growing a baby.

I know a lot of pregnant woman take pictures of their bump at various stages of their pregnancy, but I like this idea of documenting it on a weekly basis. There’s no way I’d ever wear a bikini to do it, but I’m not a model either:)

Watch Farris grow during her entire 40 week pregnancy and let me know if you captured your growing baby bump in a similar way.


Watch this one woman grow througout her entire 40 week pregnancy.