“What is Love?” he asked…

Ah…love.  I was once madly in love with a man and he was madly in love with me back.  We agreed no one could be more in love than us.  For many years we told each other, “I love you”.  Then one day he decided he didn’t know what love was.  You can imagine how devastated I was.  I mean, how could he have loved me if he didn’t even know what love was?  I am talking about a divorced forty-five year old man who had been married for 19 years and raised four children.  How could he not know what love was?  Apparently, lots of folks don’t.  For example take Prince Charles on his engagement to Lady Diana:  A reporter asked him if he loved her and he replied, “What ever that means.”  Ouch!

This Valentines day, I thought it would be a fun way to clear up the confusion by asking some open hearted people, “What is love”?

“Love is my mommy and taking care of everyone in my family.”
Jaxon, 5 yrs

“Love is my son.  Love is freedom”.
Anita Pressman, 42
Personal Trainer
Divorced Single Mom

“Love means you kinda help people.”
Devin, 5 yrs

”I think love starts with family I grew up with, then your own family.  For me I found having children is the best gift of love.  The love that I have for my husband is great, but our children bring us so much joy and love.  Also having a job that I love to go to everyday, and the talent I represent, brings me love and joy”.
Carol Scott
Talent Agency Partner
Married with kids

“Love is unconditional and non judgmental. It’s being able to be yourself with no explaining or no defending. It’s warm, fuzzy, passionate, and fun all at the same time!” Dina LaPolt, 40
Entertainment Attorney
Engaged Lesbian, no kids

“Love is the feeling you get when someone has reached a place in your heart that could never be ignored or forgotten.”
Tanya Shorrock, 29
Nutritionist, Single no kids

“Love is never having to say you are sorry.”
Dr. Eugene Pittz, 67
Re-married with grand kids

“Love is not having to change who you are, it is respectful, accepting, and unconditional”.
Eloise Pon, 40+
Office Manager
Divorced, no kids

“Love is kisses, hugs, and ga-ga.” (He could not tell his mommy what ga-ga was)
Gavan, 3 yrs

“Strength, Patience, kindness, intelligence, Tenderness,
Fearlessness, affection, loyalty, the ability to understand
Without judging, giving your time when you don’t have it and
Finally…Reaching beyond yourself to be something more than you
Kitty Stelmach,29
Animal Rescuer & Reiki Master
Married, no kids

“A big, fat, heartache!”
Karen Factor, 45+
Plastic Surgery Nurse
Divorced, no kids

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.  Just kidding-remember that terrible quote from the movie LOVE STORY with Ali McGraw and Ryan O’Neil?
Love is knowing someone is watching your back as far as I’m concerned.
My sister De-De said it well, and I didn’t even have to ask.  She just gave birth to her 9.1 lb., 22 1/2 inch baby and she said, Jared (her husband) must really love her because she hadn’t showered in 3 days, her hair is horribly greasy, her breathe horrible, her skin is white with no trace of color and her lips are gray (her doctor’s said she’ll probably require a blood transfusion because of her severe anemia), yet Jared said she looked beautiful..  Now, that is love!”
Christina Harrison, 30 +
Talent Manager, Business Owner
Re-Married with kid

“Love is being comfortable. There is almost nothing I won’t do in front of that person. Getting mad at them for doing something that could harm them. Feeling nervous or worried that they will hurt themselves and if they do I feel their pain. When I get the feeling of wanting to be alone I still want to be with the one I love”.
Michelle Fryer
Assistant Editor,HMC Magazine LLC,
Engaged,no kids

“Love is caring more about someone else than yourself. Being willing to sink and give that person your life vest. Unconditional and worth far more than gold.”
Debbe Magnusen
Status-Legally separated and working on the divorce, kids
Occupation-CEO and Founder of Project Cuddle-a charity

“Love is respect and kindness.”
Hannah, 7 yrs

“Love is the universal language we learn as kids then somehow forget only to later struggle with remembering how to speak it. Love is passion, compassion, forgiveness, understanding, not always being right, and often being a duck (letting things roll off you like water on a duck’s back). Love cannot be summed up in 25 words or perhaps even 25,000 words. Love is an emotion that each and every one of us has a unique experience with. One thing is for sure: love is the most valuable commodity is this world. It should be given away freely without expectations or strings. Above all, it must be remembered and practiced for that alone will save this world!”
Jill Stevens, 38
Video Editor
Married Lesbian, no kids

“Love is you, Mommy”
Brett, 4 years

“Love is when you cannot live without the other person.”
2 anonymous responses
Female, 35 married with kids
Male, 57 divorced with kids

“Love is when you care about someone more than yourself.”
Nicki McClung, 42
Stay at home Mom
Divorced, now Engaged

“I have heard it said that Love is God.  I disagree because love is not perfect.  But I believe it is close to God.  Love is an energy that bonds us.  Love swoops into our lives as a gift, not to be disrespected or taken for granted.  Treat love like you want someone to treat you.  Think of love like it is a life, and grow together.”
Carrie Stevens, 37
Writer, Model, Actress
Single Mom
“Love is when you want to cuddle a lot.”
Alex, 5 yrs

“Love is selfless. It’s a feeling that you will do anything possible for the person you love. The spiritual connection is there no matter what. It’s a friendship and trust that can overcome anything. It can come and go in a relationship/marriage, but the foundation is always there.”
Victoria Mariencheck, 36
Pre-school teacher
Married with kids

“Love…it’s passion and a strong feeling/connection between two people”.
Tanner, 13

“Love…it’s a big pain in the ass!!!!”
Joe Mariencheck, 44
Sales Marketing Manager
Married with kids

“This requires some thought.  Are we talking about romantic, erotic, platonic, familial, puppy unrequited, or some other version?”
Neil Stearns
Talent Agency Partner
Married with kids

“My definition is a great definition. The problem with love is that pop culture uses it to describe a feeling. when more honestly analyzed, it is more about behavior. My definition use to be about growth. Anyone that made you better; sexually, spiritually, financially, soulfully. But a good friend of mine Taye Diggs said something to me that was very enlightening. He said, “Tim, that can’t be totally true, because we’ve all loved someone that didn’t love us back”. And he was right. Three of those people were in the damn room right then. What we realized later was that the best definition is, “When you care about the other persons feelings for than your own”.
Timothy Hightower, 37
Writer/Producer Television/Film/Broadband
Single, no kids

“Love is in your heart.”
Liam, 4 yrs.

What is Love to you?


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