Whatcha Got on Under That Dress?



Whatcha Got on Under That Dress?




Don’t worry. I’m not trying to pick you up. I’m just curious. Me? Today it’s my go-to white Emma bra. No, I don’t name my bras, you freak. Emma’s a style from Victoria’s Secret, thank you very much.

This Valentine’s Day, the girls will be supported by another. I’ll be wearing a strapless number to dinner, and the least sexy thing in the universe are out-in-the-open bra straps.

Intimate Apparel Expert Cortney Scheiner of The Natural gave me a few tips on how to wear today’s impossible (but very sexy) structured designs for Valentine’s Day. Support, yes. Straps, not necessarily.

Asymmetrical Neckline

Intricate necklines are the hottest trend in evening wear. A convertible bra with multiple straps and strap hooks works well with halter, one-shoulder and asymmetrical necklines, enabling the wearer to create custom intimate apparel options catered to each garment. Try: Victoria’s Secret Bio-Fit 7-Way



Backless tops and dresses are alluring, and women of all sizes can wear these looks with the right undergarments. For a scoop-back style dress, convert your favorite, existing bra with converters that attach to the back closure and lower the straps. Try: Fashion Essentials Bra Back Converters. For a more extreme backless style, use an all-adhesive bra that adheres directly to the body eliminates straps altogether. Try: Sassybax Very Bare Backless Bra


Deep V

Don’t sacrifice support if you’re wearing a plunging neckline. A bra that dips below the breasts and has gently padded cups will create cleavage and lift to provide both sex appeal and support. Try: The Natural Sexy Plunge Bra

Everything Else

For the most revealing fashions, start with nipple covers for a smooth and seamless silhouette. Follow up with fashion tape to avoid any unintentional exposure and hold the garment in place. Try: Sugar Plum Petals, Miss Oops Mishap Tape


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