Why This Mom Won’t Buy Her Daughter An American Girl For Christmas ~ She HATES Them!



When it comes to the American Girl Doll collection, it seems like there are a lot of moms out there that either love them or hate them. Some are absolutely obsessed with them while others hate them because of their crazy price tags.

While I can definitely understand both sides of the argument (as my 8-year-old daughter is a fan of the dolls herself), blogger Stephanie Sprenger of Scary Mommy has vowed to never by one of the dolls for her daughter because she thinks it’s a huge waste of money, please she seems to absolutely loathe them. Here’s what she writes:

Here’s the thing: if I thought my daughter would cherish and care for an American Girl Doll, I would totally buy her one. (I think.) I would without a doubt buy 7-year-old me in 1985 an AGD. I would have adored her, given her a middle name, slept with her and played with her daily. Let’s be honest — my second grader is a far cry from the nurturing mama-in-training that I was when I was 7. And that is completely fine. I have no issue with the fact that fawning over dolls is not my daughter’s thing. But there is no way that I will spend that kind of money on a toy that isn’t really her thing. Unfortunately, after poring over the AGD catalog that arrived that ill-fated day, she decided they most definitely are her thing.

In my opinion, the only reason she wants one is because she believes that everyone else has one. And maybe they do. But our family has chosen to spend our money in other ways; for instance, for the price of one of those trendy doll frocks, I could buy myself a pair of shoes. I’m not kidding — I would think twice about buying myself an outfit that costs as much as some of those AGD outfits.

Personally, while I know that the American Girl dolls are expensive, I still allow my daughter to play with them and I don’t interfere if one of the grandparents decides to buy a doll for her, too. Unlike so many of the Vampire-ish and scantily-clad dolls you see on toy shelves out there, the American Girl collection is still wholesome with the movies showing young girls having fun, dressing appropriately for their age, and pursuing their goals and dreams while still overcoming adversity. You don’t get that from Barbie or The Monster High girls.

Plus, to each their own. And because the dolls and accessories are so pricey, I’m doing my best to teach my daughter how to take care of them so she can hopefully pass them down to her daughter one day, too. To good thing about AG dolls is that they are such high-quality dolls that they still look like new even if you’ve had them for several years.

Tell us Hot Moms, are you a fan of the American Girl dolls?

Source via Scary Mommy


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