WIN IT! Celeb Fav – Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2


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The Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2 (worth $900) Here is what you need to do to enter! Tell us what vacation you would like to take your family on?!!  Like us on FaceBook and like this article on our website!   Contest runs from Tuesday July 18th  to Monday August 1st 11:00 PM PST. Winner will be chosen by

 Celeb and parent fav, Orbit Baby, combines sophisticated design with smart function to make world-class solutions for taking your children on the go – sensibly, easily and safely!  Melissa Rycroft is one of many celebs who loves this stroller!  The  3-piece “starter kit” includes everything you need for your new baby, plus more safety and ease-of-use features than ever before.  Other highlights include:
  • innovative QuadShock™ suspension gives your baby a smooth ride & hassle-free no-pump tires
  • dock and rotate your baby, 360 degrees on the stroller, and ergonomically into the car
  • frame folds with one-handed, twist-and-lift motion
  • removable Cargo Pod diaper bag has shoulder strap and bottle pockets
  • patent-pending soft carrier handle on seat enables exceptionally comfortable carrying
  • Stroller Frame folds compactly, stands alone when folded, and can be towed when folded
  • built-in cupholder and key tray
  • UV sunshade with Paparazzi Shield™ extension


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228 thoughts on “WIN IT! Celeb Fav – Orbit Baby Stroller Travel System G2”

  1. There are a couple vacations we want to take with our family! We would LOVE to rent an RV and head out West! (South Dakota, Montana, and wherever else we would stop along the way!) See some sites and learn about our country and some of our history. And the other big one that we hope to take one day is to head to Hawaii!

  2. I would love to take my family on a beach vacation – probably Hawaii or somewhere that is child-friendly.

  3. I would love to take my family to the East Coast. I’m a midwestern gal, who has explored the West Coast and now we need to head East. I’ve visited NY, but would love to check out Boston, Baltimore, Philly, and the Hamptons in the Rolls Royce of strollers – the Orbit. Thank you!

  4. I would love this new Orbit stroller on our upcoming trip to San Diego; Sea World and Disneyland!! 🙂 Thank you for this amazing giveaway!

  5. I would love to take our family to Disney. My husband is in the army and so busy with schools and deploying we haven’t had a chance to schedule it in.

  6. We would love to do a vacation to the Virgin Islands for a little rest, relaxation and exploration!

  7. I would love to take a family trip to Disney. Or the beach. Or New York City. I think we need a vacay!

  8. There are two vacations I really want to take my family on, Rocking Horse Ranch in New York and Hawaii. I’ve been to Hawaii a few times and my son has been twice and loves it but my three step-kids are begging to go! Rocking Horse Ranch looks like a perfect family vacation, all-inclusive with activities for everyone! And of course, our family vacation would be even better with a new orbit for our newest addition!

  9. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take the family to Greece! Yes, a little far and some interesting times there right now, but we spent a week there for our honeymoon 4 years ago and I would love to take our daughter there to expereince the culture, the food, the history, the people! What an expereince for a little one:) We talk about going back often, now to just find the time and resources!

  10. I would love to take my family to Maui!! We live in Seattle and need some sun and warmth!!!! Summer is hiding from us this year. Thank you!!

  11. I want to take my little girl to Sesame Place. She is obsessed with Sesame Street, and the look on her face would be priceless. Sadly, it’s not in our budget right now, but I can dream about it, and dreams are free 🙂

  12. I would love to take my family Charleston, SC. My baby would fit right in shopping on chic King Street in the Orbit stroller!

  13. We would like to go to Indonesia to visit my son’s grandmother/ my MIL. We miss her and a shiny, new, travel-friendly Orbit would make a the long flight over there a little less horrible 🙂

  14. I would love to take my family to a beach town like Nantucket or somewhere on Cape Cod. Just sit on the beach and play all day!

  15. I would love to go on an African Safari. That would be awesome!! We are going to Kauai in a few months & would love an Orbit to take with us 🙂

  16. Anywhere he doesn’t get appendicitis and spend our vacation plus 10 days in the Hospital!!! In all seriousness we would love to do an all inclusive week with the family at a Beaches resort in Turks & Caicos since our last attempt at a beach getaway was a bust!

  17. I would love to take my family to New England in the fall. To enjoy the leaves chaging color. We live in Florida and my oldest daughter has never seen NE in the fall….

  18. I would LOVE to take my family to Europe! This stroller looks like it would be very easy to travel with! Amazing giveaway!!! Thank you!

  19. I would love to take my family on a cruise to the Caribbean Islands. My 6yr old has been asking for a cruise!

  20. Id love to take a family vacation to Hawaii, we had our honeymoon there (2007 seems like forever ago) 🙂

  21. I would love to take my family on any vacation, but there are two destinations I personally want to do most: New England/Washington DC vacation to see some of the places that have been so pivotal in shaping our country and/or a Blu Ridge/Appalachian Mountain getaway. (We live in FL, so we’re okay with a non-beach vacay!)

  22. I would be so thrilled to win this Orbit Travel G2 Travel system!! We are planning family trip to Disney World in Orlando,FL and with a stroller so functionable and airport friendly like the Orbit would make traveling with our baby and 4 yr old daughter so much easier!My fingers are double crossed 😀

  23. I would LOVE to take my family to Hawaii or somewhere very tropical and far away with amazing beaches!

  24. I would love to take my 8-month old son and my sweet husband to North Carolina. I’ve been itching to go there for quite some time and think it would be a nice, peaceful vacation. Taking the Orbit stroller would make it so easy to take the baby from the plane, to the car, to the stroller. My cousin-in-law has one and they love it!!! It was just way too expensive for our family. Having one would make my job as a Mommy so much easier.

  25. If I could pick a dream vacation I would 1st scoop my husband up from Iraq the head to Alaska. He has dreamed of going to Alaska his whole life, now that we have a perfect little boy, I couldn’t imagine a better vacation for us! 🙂

  26. I would love to take my family to Hawaii, I have never been. It might be awhile though I have 2 kids that are 2 & 1 and one on the way!

  27. I would love to take my family on a trip to the bahamas. BUT only if it was in April or May. That way we can ski all winter, and then miss mud season here in Montana. We LOVE spring vacations because it is still so cold here!

  28. I would love to take my children to China to see all of the historical places before they are no longer open to public. We have a 3 year old, 1 year old and one on the way so this travel system would be a great useful gear for us!

  29. I would love to take my family on a vacation to Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany, and to spend some time in France! My husband and I had always dreamed of getting married in Neuschwanstein Castle, but we needed to keep it local so our families could attend. Instead, we were married in a gorgeous museum surrounded by priceless works of art. We have always loved France, and would love to go back to see how Champagne is made, but more importantly, to the Louvre to see my ancestor’s painting that is hanging there. This travel system would truly be a blessing to our family, and would help us not only on vacations, but also in our everyday life!

  30. I would love to take my children to Europe! It would be a great experience for the whole family. I have a three year old, a one year old and a baby on the way so this travel system would he a great and useful gear for us!!!

  31. My husband n I believe that spending quality time with ur kids is most important and to build a family we’d love to take the kids hiking n camping in yosemite or the grand canyon someday..away from technology (, etc). Just really enjoy the great outdoors. And of course we’d love to take tem to disneyworld too!

  32. I would love to take my family on a vacation to Hawaii. I have always wanted to go there!

    Thank you for the amazing giveaway! I’d love to win!

  33. My favorite vacations are those spent with my family and unfortunately they don’t live in Ohio with us. My daughter’s GiGi (my mom) lives in North Carolina and I can’t imagine anything more relaxing and enjoyable than a stroll around the block while catching up with my mom.

  34. I would live to take my daughter to Mexico to meet her great grandparents. They love her so much even though they haven’t met her other than on Skype. My husband and I would also love to go to Australia.

  35. Any family vacation would be nice. I would like to visit my sister in Israel or take a disney cruise with my children.

  36. I asked my 6 year old daughter Isabel ( I have another daughter 2, and a son , 12) What would be the best vacation, and she stated at a hotel anywhere! I think my children would all enjoy a nice beach with blue water and white clean sand. We live Upstate and there are many lake beaches, but not Ocean. I am expecting my fourth child in September, and any vacation with all of us Happy, Healthy and Safe would be the best! Thank you,

  37. My husband is Italian so we want to take our son to Italy so he can see where grandma & grandpa grew up.

  38. A trip around Europe – site seeing and visiting things most only see in text books or in pictures!

  39. I would love to take my family to Legoland!!!! I would love to check out the new one in FL when it opens.

  40. I would love to take my family to the Wild Dunes Resort in Isle of Palm, SC. We were supposed to go 2 yrs ago and had to cancel so it would be wonderful to take a family trip there!!

  41. Our vacations are combined with dr visits for the kids so I would love to get to explore more of denver co and utah on those trips!

  42. I would love to take my family to Alaska. We’ve lived in Hawaii for a couple years now and though it’s been wonderful, I think we could all go for a change of scenery for a bit. Plus, I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska 🙂

  43. I’d love to take my family around the world, though with the little one it won’t be possible for some time! So the more realistic plans for the nearest future are to go to Tahiti!!!

  44. Would love to take my kids to Hawaii, or try a Disney Cruise! Would love to go back to Disney in a year or two once we only need a single stroller!

  45. I always went on vacations to Wisconsin Dells when I was growing up and I would love love to do the same thing with my family every year!!!!

  46. I would love to take our family to Disneyland. We have family in California and Disney would be a memory making trip!

  47. I would take my family to my childhood home of Coronado, CA. Coronado is an island (kinda) but is great for walking everywhere! I would love to stroll through childhood memories qhile pushing my daughter Reese (due in Oct.) in the Orbit.

  48. We love to go to Italy. Rent a big old Tuscan Villa, Stay for a few weeks and really enjoy the flavours, sights and sounds.

  49. I look forward to taking my daughter to Borneo to the oranutang sanctuary. My wife’s not so crazy about it, but I know they’d have a great time.

  50. We’d like to take the children to Vietnam or Cambodia to help build a school. Volunteering in such different cultures is the education the school system just doesn’t teach this days.

  51. We would love to take our family across the states to visit all our family members. This way our new addition can meet the family too before we move overseas 🙂 We will be taking this trip in a few months actually. And we’ll be stopping in many places along the way, exploring all the states and what they have to offer 🙂

  52. I would love to be able to have my husband home from deployments long enough first 🙂 But I would want to take my hubby and son wherever they chose to go. I would make it all about them and what they wanted. From Disney to Ireland if that’s what they wished!

  53. I would love to take my family to Italy! I’ve always dreamed of traveling there and learning about where my family came from and sharing that experience with my family <3 Thank you Orbit for a great giveaway 🙂

  54. I’d love to pack up the family for a long stay in Australia. Brisbane and the Sunshine coast are gorgeous…the beaches go on for 100’s of miles and the sun how it shines!

  55. With 8 you don’t go far, but how lovely it would be to do a family geneology trip to Ireland, Scotland and England….see if we’ve a ghost or two in the family.

  56. I’d love to pack up the whole family and headnfor Aruba! Probably won’t happen any time soon, but one can dream 🙂

  57. My 5 year old is always asking to go on a Nickelodeon cruise or to Disney World. If I could I would take both my boys on vacation twice to each of these places. I know my one year old would LOVE it as well.

  58. I would love to be able to take my family to the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. My husband has not had an official vacation in quite some time now. My newest baby just turned 1, and we wanted so badly to take him to Disneyland for his 1st. birthday, but we have not been able to do so just yet. It would be awesome to be able to push around my little guy in an amazing Cadillac like the Stroller Travel System G2, especially at Walt Disney World!

  59. My family and I would love to go to Japan to be able to see the great electronics devices as well as leaving with some great goodies out of the country. Also his sister and family are there so it would make a great family adventure with all of us. We would love to be able to go see the great things the country has to offer and be able to see his family after a year of not seeing them.

  60. Our family loves the MI beaches. Our kids would live in the sand if possible. 🙂 This stroller looks Awesome!

  61. I would love to go Austrailia! My husband always wanted to go there and now he has got me all excited about it. What a fun family trip!

  62. What mom does not want to take their kids to Disney World. I went every year as a kid and would love to do this for my three boys. Just waiting for my newborn to get a little stronger for travel.

  63. I would love for my wife to agree to take a family vay-ca to all the famous ball parks across America. Maybe if she had this wonderful stroller to push the baby around in she would agree!!

  64. I would love to be able to take the family to Hawaii. Almost all of the cousins live there and I think it would be great to be able to visit.

  65. Bahamas! My daughter loooooves the water i can only imagine those little feet in the beautiful water out there 🙂

  66. I’m not copying but I really want to take my kids to Orlando Florida to go to Disney World lol.

  67. I would love to take them on a Disney Cruise but not until my daughter is a little older she’s not due until next month

  68. I would love to take my mom somewhere, She has never been on a plane or seen a palm tree, so I would take her to maybe the Dominican Rep. or Florida Keys!! : )

  69. A weekend away, without work, without the computer, and without the phone… anywhere, as long as we’re together, just my two babies, my husband, and I.

  70. I’m currently pregnant with my first, due in the fall! So right now a beach vacation would be great. Once we have the baby…probably local trips in the Northeast to visit with family and friends. Once she’s older, I’d love to fly to visit relatives in Italia!

  71. Swimming with the dolphins and exploring the coral reef in Hawaii would be the ultimate vacation for my family!

  72. We would love to take our new baby on a stroll around the block in this stroller! A nice beach trip with the family would be amazing and … so stylish 🙂

  73. I would love to take my family to Walt Disney World. It really is the happiest place on earth and perfect for kids of all ages!

  74. I would love to take my DH and kiddos to Europe…and this stroller is WONDERFUL for air travel…as well as sightseeing! 🙂

  75. I would LOVE to take my hubby & boy’s to Chicago! ♥ Deep dish pizza, Cubs Baseball, a different kind of city! ♥ I think this woul be super fun. We have been blessed enough to have been in Los Angeles (which we LOVE) & Dallas….but Chicago would be pretty darn amazing to see ♥

  76. I would LOVE to take my whole family to Sweden! I’m from there but I don’t get to go home often enough. Now it’s been three years since I last went home and my youngest son and my husband have never been there. Only my older two boys. The older ones keep asking me when we’re going back. They really fell in love with an indoor play area in my hometown and still talk about “that place with the lion” all the time. 🙂 And of course with us living in the desert they’re dying to go to the beach! We went to both lakes and the ocean when we were last there. It’s absolutely beautiful in Sweden. If you ever have the chance to go, GO!! 🙂

  77. This would be awesome to win for my birthday which is August 6th and just had newborn in June.
    My husband and I love Hawaii so much that we got married in Kauai in 2007. We had some hiccups during honeymoon and we have talked about going back ever since but with having kids and expenses haven’t been able to. We would love to go back with the kids to show them where we were married and to share our love of the islands.
    There is something about once you step off that plane you are completely at peace.

  78. I would love to win this and go down to Flordia so my baby can visit her great grand-pa!

  79. I would love to take my wife and kids on a vacation somewhere warm. My wife is now pregnant with our 3rd baby and she has been awesome taking care of our other two and I think that a hot vacation would definitely be what we need (along with this awesome stroller for baby #3). 🙂

  80. We’d love to plan a family vacation to Maine so we could spend a week relaxing in a cabin along a quiet lake!

  81. I’d love to take our girls abroad- Italy, Ireland, Spain. This is out of our budget right now but certainly fun to think about! We do travel to Florida every year to visit family, next year perhaps a few days at Disney!!

  82. I would love to take my family to Upper East Manhattan. FAO Schwartz & Le cirque would be on my list!!!!

  83. I love to take the family on vacation to Kauai, Hawaii – it’s one of our favorite places to go, and so kid friendly!

  84. I would take my family to Italy. The culture, history and food would make a wonderful (and educational) vacation!

  85. I would love to visit Thailand. I was there once before, but would LOVE to go back, this time with my family in tow.

  86. I would love to take my family on a vacation to Spain, Italy, or Greece. Locally, we would love to take a trip to California!

  87. I would love to sneak away with my husband to Vegas before baby comes. After she is born and old enough to appreciate it, we look forward to visiting the Grand Canyon.

  88. My husband and I would love to take our two little ones to Hawaii to visit our relatives, and eventually to Vietnam and Hong Kong so that they can see where their parents came from.

  89. I would love to take a vacation to Maine. I’ve heard that it’s absolutely gorgeous up there in the summer-time.

  90. We would love to take our daughter to Spain. My husband lived there for 2 years after college and we are looking forward to the day when we can show Olivia the area. To do that with the Orbit stroller would be incredible! LOVE this travel system!!!

  91. I would go on a vacation to the Rocky Mountains – I would love to see that gorgeous sight!

  92. The Orbit is an awesome stroller and so many color choices too – amazing. I would love to go on a vacation to Greece – I’ve seen it in pictures and it looks beautiful.

  93. My family would love to go on vacation to Maui. My husband was born and raised there, however since he joined the Army over 10 yrs ago he has lived stateside. Since our last trip to Maui we have added two additions to our family. It would be great for their extended family to meet them and for all of us to enjoy the beautiful beaches and relax!

  94. I would love love love to take my family on the new Disney Dream Cruise! My baby daughter loves Minnie Mouse!

  95. My husband and I want to take our son to Aruba in December. We would love to have an Orbit to take along!

  96. Would love this stroller! And looks like it would be great for tall dads! Hubby is 6’2″

  97. I would like to take my family on a vacation to Disney, a Disney cruise would be even better and this stroller would come in so handy.

  98. I am currently pregnant and due in 2.5 weeks. I am originally from South Africa and would love to take my baby boy home to meet my family.

  99. We would love to go to Maui while my son is still under two and flies free! I have a friend there with a baby a month older than my 8 month old, so I would love for them to play together in the waves!

  100. I would love to take my family to Bucks County PA & NYC since we live in FL now. I grew up there & would love my husband & kids to see it as well as my favorite city in the world: New York 🙂 We go to Disney World all the time since my husband works there so that would be my answer if we lived anywhere else!

  101. I would love to go on a vacation to Florida and enjoy the warm weather and gorgeous beaches.

  102. I would love to take my family to Taiwan. My husband and I just got married, and my family has yet to meet him, and they have not seen my son yet. I think family is important, but cost plays an issue when we are both teachers.

  103. I would love to take my family on a vacation to Disneyland. I liked this post and I like your FB page~ Kendra Mason

  104. I would love to take my family on a beach vacation to Turks and Caicos for a week of fun in the sun and much needed relaxation for my hubby:)

  105. My family dream vacation would be Disney! My husband and I have wanted to go since we were children, but both of our respective parents always told us we couldn’t afford it. It is a dream of ours to take our family to such a magical place. Im not sure who would enjoy it more, us or our children! 😀

  106. My husband is in the Army and we just got stationed in HI; so it’s like living on vacation everyday here. But we are far away from our families. So my vacation I’d love to take would be home to visit our families.

  107. I would love to be able to take my 3 boys to either Disney World or Disney Land. They have a lot of favorite characters from Disney, but for the most part I would just love to be able to take vacation and visit family members I have not been able to see in a long time! You know just to have my family of 5 be able to go on vacation together would just be awesome no matter where we go!

  108. I like you on facebook and like this article with facebook name Jessica Miller. My dream family vacation would be a Disney style cruise that docked at various ports around the world for some sight seeing and great shopping:)

  109. I would like to take my family to Waikiki. The beach, the tropics, the people. Love it all!

  110. I’d like to give it to my sister. It’s her first and I’d love her to come visit us here in Vancouver. It would be great for the seawall and Stanley Park.

  111. My top spot family vacation would be Maine – I’ve heard that it’s beautiful there in the summer and I’d love to see it.

  112. There are so many places that I would love to take my family, if we had the money to go. Currently, we are saving for a trip to see Mount Rushmore, which I think would be awesome. Eventually we’ll make it around the world too.

  113. I’m an ancient History teacher, so I would love to take my family to Europe to visit some of the amazing places I teach about! Rome and Greece just to name a few! 🙂

  114. I would love to go on a family vacation to Disney. It sounds so cliche, but I’d love to see the excitement on my children’s faces!!

  115. If we could go anywhere in the world, I would love to go on a vacation to Thailand and find some zen and peace!

  116. If I could have this awesome orbit stroller I would love to take my 8 wk baby girl and 5year old son to the beaches in Maui my son loves the water and I know he would enjoy it!! And Disneyland would also be on the list it would make it so much easier to get around having this stroller, it would make me such a happy mommy:)!

  117. I dream about taking my 18 month old sun to the beach.. A beach because He loves to play in the water and be outside. A place where Mommy and Daddy can relax and still be a family. We’re not picky, we would greatful and SO thankful if we won this dream vacation and Orbitz stroller. Hawaii, Cabo,Virgin Islands.. you name it.. we’ll take it 🙂

  118. A great family vacation would be to go on a cruise. I’d love to do a Meditteraneun cruise – the boats are so amazing now that there are so many things to keep kids occupied, while parents can still have fun too!

  119. Would love to take this to the beach while we are walking around all the shops shopping!

  120. Would love to take my family on a vacation to Greece. It’s somewhere my husband and I have always wanted to visit.

  121. Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve wanted to travel the world. Unfortunately I haven’t been to too many places yet, there are still so many that I’d love to visit. Number one on my list would be Ireland!!

  122. A vacation to Maui would be wonderful. A place to relax and enjoy the scenery and weather. That stroller is awesome!!

  123. Paris, the Champes Elysees. Style and Joie de vivre. Oh yes, we would look so Tres Chic with our Orbit!

  124. We would love to take the Kids
    To Disney world! This stroller would be amazing for our little one!

  125. My husband and I have discussed driving Pacific Coast Highway 101 with our kids. See the incredible Pacific Ocean, go to Hearst Castle, stand in awe of the aquariums of Monterrey Bay…there’s too many sites to even post. We’d be thrilled to show our children such amazing parts of America.

  126. HAWAII!……… MAUI! This stroller would rock on a trip in the sun. With the built in shade and the rotating base… baby is sure to be safe and out of the sun! 🙂

  127. My dream vacation would just be a few days off with my wife and new son! I wouldnt mind just strolling around our town with this stroller!

  128. Would love to take my entire family on a relaxing vacation to either Italy or Greece!

  129. I would love to take my family on vacation to Disney World. We went there for our honeymoon and we would love to go back,

  130. I would love to take my family to Jackson Hole, Wyoming!!!! I love love love it up there:)

  131. Were from San Diego, Ca and military stationed here in Japan. I would love to take my family on a dream vacation to Paris, France . We are in love with french food and culture.. That would be a dream for us as a fmaily to all be able to go to Paris.

  132. My daughter would love to go to (in her words) New York, Hawaii, London or Calabasas! (funny since we are in the valley already that she things Calabasas is a vacation spot! For me…I say Aloha Hawaii!!!

  133. I would love to take my family on Disney Cruise trip ! plus getting orbit g2 stroller would be awesome. Thanks for a great aportunity.

  134. love, love, love this stroller! I would take my family on the most magical adventure…ever! not sure exactly where but it would be amazing!!

  135. We have a new bundle of joy coming in October, so as a bit of a babymoon for the adults as well as our three year old son, we went to San Diego (we’re on the east coast). The beaches were great, the zoo was amazing, there’s an aircraft carrier museum that’s outstanding, and there’s a 100 year old carousel in Balboa Park that still has the ring game going. Our son thought the best part of the trip were all the airplanes – riding in them as well as watching them fly over the city (they’re only a few hundred feet above the ground in some areas!). Are there any boys that aren’t fascinated by planes, trains, and automobiles (John Candy reference not withstanding)?

    If time and money were no object, I’d love to take my family on an international trip (Austrailia, Malaysia or maybe Turkey), but realistically, I’d be ecstatic to be able to get in a ski trip or summer hiking in the Rockies once the (soon to be) two children are old enough.

  136. I would love to be able to take my kids to Disneyland. We used to go once a year but have not been for a couple years since I have been back to school getting my nursing degree. I am hoping we can go when I graduate as a celebration for all of us making it through the journey of mama being in school lol.

  137. We would love to go on a family vaction to Italy and Hawaii. Thanks for the awsome opportunity!

  138. Would love to win!! I’m a first time mom and this stroller would be such a blessing! 🙂 We would love to take our little one SC to visit her grandparents!

  139. I would love to take my little ones to Italy. A light- weight, travel friendly orbit would be perfect! Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. I would love to take my family on a road trip starting in upstate NY and drive thru the states and end up in DC. There is so much history to be learned. I did it as a kid and would love to have my kids experience what I did as a kid!

  141. My wife and I need this stroller so that we can introduce our Muggle baby to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!

  142. I would love to take my 4 month old son and Husband to California, Not only to sight see and go to the San Diego Zoo, But to introduce them both to my family that they have never met.

  143. I would love to take my family on vacation ANYWHERE! We have never really taken a family vacation.

  144. I would love a vacation in the bay area to enjoy all the sites SF has to offer and would love to tour the Orbit baby headquarters to see where all the magic happens. I love the stroller!!! The best and I’ve tried them all. On baby #5!

  145. I would love to take my kids to Disney World! This stroller would be a great addition for the trip.

  146. Honestly I don’t have place for dream vacation. I’ve lived in HI, I’ve lived on the west coast and now I live on the east coast. It’s all because my husband is military. So I would totally enjoy even camping on the backyard as long as we can be all together what doesn’t happen too often.

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