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We know it is summer time and you are not ready to think about getting ready for school! BUT, if you don’t do it now you could lose hundreds of your kids, clothes, lunch boxes and pencils to name a few! ok, that may be a little exaggerated! BUT don’t wait! Jump on board and start labeling! Because these are the most durable and most adorable tags we have EVER used! and we did not get paid to say that! We LOVE  Mabel’s Labels and would pay every cent to use them. You can buy cheap labels, you can use a sharpie or you can choose to make your life easier and know you will 9 out of 10 times get your kids items back! P.s. some celeb mom’s and dad’s who are HUGE fans include but not limited to are: Reese Witherspoon, Tori Spelling, Nancy O’Dell, Jason and Naomi Priestley and Ali Landry.

The Ultimate Back-to-School Combo™ includes all the durable, waterproof labels needed to keep your kids’ stuff out of the lost and found. Available only until September 30th, get this bestselling Combo before it’s gone.

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  1. My daughter’s in preschool and every day we send her to school with a change of clothes just in case. The strangest thing that she came home with was a pair of spiderman underwear! Apparently she and her best friend Henry traded clothes because she wanted spiderman and he wanted Dora! Lol.

  2. My kids are still too little to go to school (but the labels would be awesome in a couple of years, so I’d still love to win them)! I am a Kinder teacher though and the strangest thing ever brought to school was a condom wrapper and a flashlight in a child’s backpack. Hmmm???!!!

  3. Debbie, the best part is your kids are never too little for labels! Bottles, pacifiers, etc.. just make sure to label them on the inside! and well not sure what to say about what you found! can’t believe that would be found in a kinder backpack:)

  4. At the end of grade 4, my son brought all his belongings home. As I went through what was to keep and what was being thrown out I came across his pencil case. He had a hard plastic rectangular one with a fair sized circle storage on the top…usually for erasers. When I opened it I was surprised to find thousands of pencil crayon tips. He had saved all the ones that broke off all year! That, to me, was very strange/

  5. Hum, let’s see what the boys dragged in…
    Wall ornement candle stick holder, hair clips, women’s sunglasses and a pink toy bracelet. Oh and youngest would come home in different shorts 50% of the time…

  6. I should add (to my above story) that I teach in an inner city school (with very low income families). A lot of times these kids find anything and think that it is a HUGE treasure! It was just a very odd combination of items to bring – haha!

  7. I don’t have any stories yet but I’m scared for the possibilties!! Oldest daughter starts preschool this year. This pack would be SO handy.

  8. My older son completed Kindergarten in June, and I would have to say he did pretty well making sure he only brought home his items. (every once in awhile there would be change in his bag that was not in there before though.) However, I couldn’t tell you how many times he almost left his backpack on the bus!

  9. My daughter just finished Pre-K. I would have to say the most interesting thing that came back in her lunch box was a friend’s unwanted lunch!! After a week of getting bits and pieces from her, her friend and the friend’s mother.. I was able to put the whole thing together. So here’s the story:
    Another kid in class was bringing a turkey and jam sandwich to school every day. My daughter’s friend decided his classmate must’ve been onto something so he repeatedly asked his mom to make him the same exact sandwich. She finally caved in one day and made it. Needless to say, the kid didn’t like it! So my good citizen of a daughter told him to give her his sandwich so she can bring it home and throw it away. This way he’s mom wouldn’t get cross with him for nagging about the sandwich and then not eating it. Hahaha She even told him what to tell his mom so she wouldn’t make him the sandwich again without getting angry! 😀 I mean seriously.. my daughter was only 3!!

  10. I have 2 kids in primary school & they lise anything from spoons to clothes. We could use any help we can get to ensure all belongings come home. Lol

  11. My son is in day care (he’ll be 2 in August) and spends a lot of his day outside. He came home one day with his backpack full of snails. He was so excited to show me the “ales” that he’d spent the afternoon collecting! Thank goodness the “ake” that he saw (a garter snake!) didn’t get put in there as well.

  12. My daughter recently started summer school and she bought home a banana peel, not in her snack box, but loose in her bag, the funny thing is she didn’t even take a banana for snack!!!

  13. Nothing to weird yet! My son likes to save the little cupcake toppers (when there is a bday party in class) and I find them in his bag with icing still left on it!

  14. We homeschool, so there isn’t *as* much opportunity for weird things to appear in backpacks.
    Typical amounts of sand, woodchips, stones, sticks, bark, and the occasional “cool bug” of course.

    But being involved in Scouting, our oldest son away at camp, did manage to come home with a pair of jeans belonging to another little boy.

    Sadly, they fit him better than his own jeans had ! Oops.

  15. My daughter came home with a pocket full of mulch from the playground, lol. But she did lose her jacket at school last year so I really need these!

  16. My children are too young for school but will be starting daycare in the fall when I go back to work. So these would be great to label all their belongings!

  17. My daughter loves to collect random items. This last year, she came home with a lighter (that still worked). She said she found it in the gym!

  18. I often get rocks but last year got a plastic spoon which was really odd since she didn’t have one in her lunch that day. I love your labels and would love to win some for my daughter’s Back-to-School supplies and clothing.

  19. We had someone else’s garbage from lunch come home. They have litterless lunch and this other girl would have gotten in trouble for bringing it home and it wasn’t allowed to be disposed of at school. So my daughter came to the rescue and brought it home to our house instead!

  20. hmmmm, i’m not sure that my son has ever brought home something that I didn’t send with him. He did have a collection of little balls, pencils, erasers and what not but that was all incentives that his teacher gave him for being a reading star.

  21. It’s not what came home but what went to school..when my oldest was 5 she insisted on taking sushi to school in her lunchbox. What 5 year old like sushi and better yet, who takes it to school!!! The teachers were shocked to see it and even more amazed when she ate it all!

  22. I always love when other kid’s clothing ends up in my daughter’s back pack…sometimes just one sock which always makes me wonder how the other child went home!

  23. A bunch a snails. My DD decided we needed a snail family and brought them home in her bag. Needless to say it was a big surprise when I opened her bag that night.

  24. Our one daughter came home one day with bones from another animal’s excrement! Apparently they had other animals brought to the school as part of a learning event and the Educator washed bones out of the animals poop to show the kids. The thing that really got me was that it was in her lunch box. At least it was in a ziploc baggie.

  25. I’m excited and nervous for school to start again! The oddest thing my 6 year old brought home would have been the bottle of perfume! I smelt it before I saw it for sure because she was covered in it. It was an expensive brand that smelled nice at least! needless to say, it went back to school the next day and hopefully made it to it’s rightful owner…her little friends mother. 🙂 (fingers crossed that we get some labels for this year)

  26. My son (who was in JK last year) came home with a pair of the pinkest, girliest pair of socks and underwear in his backpack! Hmmmm! They appeared to be clean so that was ok! lol

  27. My son likes to bring home “treasures” he finds in the school yard. He once brought a barrette home, that he had found, for his sister. It was nice of him to think of his sister…but a little icky 🙂 I love mabel’s labels and would love to win!

  28. My twins are not in school yet. They will be starting JK this September and these amazing labels would come in very handy. I can only imagine the things that will be coming home in their backpacks!

  29. I pack my 3 yr. old child’s lunch and snack every day and I use a particular brand of a clear tupperware container. So, I can easily recognize the container on sight. At the end of the day after a long day of work, I pick up my child and I will sometimes snack on whatever leftover snack she didn’t eat that day. Well, I saw her tupperware container sitting on top of the cubbies and picked it up and off we went. I went to have a snack and I noticed something brown. I thought to myself ‘I didn’t pack any brown snacks…?’ I looked closer and looking back at me was a big dead Cicada bug. One of her schoolmates found the dead bug they thought it would be a great to keep. So, they placed it in her tupperware container since it was the perfect size for it. I still get the heebeejeebies just thinking about it.

  30. The grossest thing was a used tissue that WAS NOT my daughters. Gross! That bag always disgusted me from then on. I doused it with Lysol but the thought was still there.

    Patrizziag (at)

  31. My daughter came home with a Christmas napkin holder in her school bag at the end of the year!

  32. My daughter has been in preschool since age 2 and going into Kindergarten in the fall. We have had quite a few odd things wind up in her bag. The strangest thing she has ever brought home was a broken finger nail. Ewww! She said she wasn’t sure if it was hers or not but she found it in her pocket while at school. She made sure to zipper it into her lunch box so it wouldn’t get lost.

  33. At the end of the school year my kids have a water day at school. When I went to pick up my son, he was in kindergarten, he was upset with me for sending him his sister’s skort to change into. At first I thought I packed him the wrong item but turns out that one of his classmate got her clothes mixed up with his and he ended up with her skort. It was a good thing the school found a pair of lost and found short for him to wear home.

  34. my seven year old has brought home someone else’s underwear in his camp backpack. ugh. nothing I would want to share. he often comes home from school with pebbles and small rocks in his bag that he found interesting. we have used Mabel’s Label’s since he started attending school, and so far, none of his clothes have found their way to another kids’ bag! love the product, and could always use more, as he is growing like a weed!

  35. My son goes to preschool and I would have to say the strangest thing he has brought home was a dead lady bug in his back pack. When I picked him up from school he told me that he had a surprise for me and I was really excited to see it. However, when I saw it I was a little grossed out but I didn’t let him know that. Kids are so cute with their creations.

  36. When his dad said we needed more gravel for our driveway, William, then age 5, brought home rocks in his backpack, pockets and lunchbag. As we have a loooong driveway, he’d have to do this everyday until he graduates from highschool!

  37. My kids are in elementary school, and I have to say that my younger child’s backpack once contained an extremely large sports sock and when I took it out of the backpack it felt quite heavy. It was filled with marbles and an assortment of rocks. I asked him what it was and he said he had no idea where it came from or to whom it belonged. Must be someone’s collection of something special, but still a mystery to us. Why a sock? And who has feet that big?

  38. My son was in Pre-K, and after the first day I noticed a piece of rubber in his backpack. I thought, “rubber…where the heck did he get this rubber?” I didn’t notice any again for a few days, then it showed up again, and this piece had blue on one side. Again I wondered what was going on. It was black rubber like from a tire or something. Finally it was my turn to pick him up from school, and the mystery was solved. They used recycled shredded tires on the playground instead of sand under the play equipment!!

  39. My son came home from Daycare once with a pair of girl’s Disney Princess underwear! Funniest thing ever-yet still very odd!

  40. My daughter just finished her first year of school (Junior Kindergarten) and, as I was cleaning out her backpack after school one day, I found that she’d filled her lunch bag with rocks. I guess that day she’d decided to search the entire playground to find her “favourite” rocks and, so, the collection *had* to be stored in her lunch bag for safe keeping. She also brings pieces of trash from outside that she finds interesting – usually anything pink.

  41. My son came home one day with a mealworm in his backpack, (inside a ziplock). His class had raised them and took care of them, and then got to tale them home. Only he forgot to tell me before I emptied out his backpack that day, a little surprising and strange to say the least! Lol

  42. My 7 years old son once brought back a living snail in his lunch box. They’re eating on the grass at his day camp, he found the little creature and decided to bring it home ! When emptying the lunch box, I first tought it was a green grape but ended up pretty ”surprised” when I picked it up and realized what it really was !

  43. My son came home with $10 one day. Not the worst thing to come home with. LOL turned out some kid gave it to him because he said he wanted $10 to buy Club Penguin Cards. Wish my friends were as giving 🙂 Needless to say, we gave it back to the generous donor.

  44. We’ve only completed half-day Kindergarten thus far…heading into First Grade in the Fall. I’d LOVE to send her off with Mabel’s Labels on her gear! No lunch box last year…but, my little Eco-Ranger made a promise to herself that she would pick up any trash she saw on the playground. Some random…sometimes icky stuff came home. But, she kept her promise!

  45. My daughter brings home rocks. Not special rocks, just plain rocks. Sometimes I find them in her pockets, but the big ones come home in her backpack!

  46. My 7 yr old son came home with a large blob of mult-coloured chewing gum. Apparently the boys had pre-arranged to all bring gum to school, chewed it together at lunch, and then made a big lump before going back into the school when the bell rang.

  47. I have 2 boys in school ages 8 and 10 and a 1 year old son at home…the strangest thing that came home to me.

    BUGS!!! My boys collected bugs and brought them home one day. GROSS…I’m so NOT a “bug” mom. LOL

  48. Within a two week period, my gr1 son came home with a container full of worms. He collected them during recess. He did not want anyone stepping on them. So for safety the worms came home to be released ~ which he quickly released in the yard. My K son came home with underwear in his lunch box. They were his friend’s. The other child had an accident, borrow his spare pair and was returning a pair to replace the borrowed pair.

  49. When my son was 6 he came home with a pair of Dora the Explorer girls underpants – you should have seen his face when I pulled them out and showed them to him – he was totally mortified and swore he had no idea how they got there- they were girls and they are gross he said. The daycare teacher had put them in jakes bag by mistake and his lunch box was open when she stuffed it in his bag. Hubby and I still call him the little ladies man (not too his face though – he’s now 9 and girls are still gross)

  50. We call my 6-year-old daughter a magpie. She will pick up anything shiny (or not). Her backpack is always full of odd things – you know the saying “One person’s garbage is another person’s treasure” – well I think she takes it literally. I will find other children’s candy wrappers, milk top rings she found on the playground, random ribbons and streamers, the remnants of paper from a cut-out craft, rubber elastic bands, etc. One time she even found some empty paintball casings on a path we were walking on and kept them. They are still on her dresser at home. I expect to see her on a reality show about hoarders by the time she is 25 – lol!

  51. My 3.5 year old daughter brought home a ‘new’ boyfriend’s phone number from nursery school on a piece of artwork!

  52. my son is very young/toddler, but he has come home with change/coins in his snack/lunch boxes from grandmas house or sometimes hot wheels matchbox cars from his nursery classes or cousins house.. we of course return them, but its funny and unexpected to find….

  53. When my oldest was in kindergarten she came home with a whole outfit. Aprrently her best friend brought in for her to wear the next day

  54. My son is going into grade 2 and, miraculously, he hasn’t brought anything strange home yet! I can only imagine what my daughter will bring home now that she’s starting JK!!!

  55. My daughter has received other kids’ valentines and notes from teachers. She had food allergies (just outgrew her last one!) so teachers were very careful with food being shared and such. We’re only going into 1st grade, so I’m sure more will happen! 🙂

    Of course, thought, she’s come home from her grandparents house numerous times with huge bags of Starburst candies, and hand me down toys that they knew didn’t fit in my house 🙂 (The toys are from their other cousins and those toys stay at the grandparents house)

  56. It was a few years ago, but my son actually brought home someone else’s entire backpack! They did look exactly the same, so when I got his back I painted his name in large bright letters across it…lol never happened again 🙂

  57. My son is still too little for school, but I would love these labels for his sippy cups/snack traps, etc. At our playgroups, the kids are always trying to grab each other’s things and these labels would help!

  58. Nothing weird, but my daughter kept coming home with other kids tap shoes from dance class. Everything on those shoes were black snd impossible to write their names on it. These tags would be wonderful for that.

  59. Every night after camp I clean out my childrens backpacks and pack them for the next day. One night I found lots of dirt and broken paper clips, rubberbands, some thumbtacks and string stuffed in the front pocket of my 7 year olds backpack- I just dumped it out over the garbage. The next morning he had an absolute FIT apparently he had spent the afternoon before with his friend collecting ants and centipedes for the bug playground he built in his backpack.

    My daughter came home this summer with 2 different shoes, at least one was hers

  60. My little guy hasn’t started preschool yet – but we used these labels on his bottles and they worked awesome…. now we just need some for the sippy cups!!

  61. MY son brought home one farm fresh RAW egg in his lunch box! His nursery school has a farm with everything from Alpacas to chickens. The youngsters get to help collect the eggs from the hen house, Tucker just thought he would keep his for a snack!

  62. My son has come home with McDonald toys that were not his (he and another boy had the same backpack) and the strangest thing was a little girl’s jacket!

  63. My son has brought home someone else’s Diego underpants. Wish I had had a label for his awesome Spiderman sunglasses. They went missing the first day he wore them to daycare 🙁

  64. Well, my oldest daughter is only 2, so she hasn’t had too much time to bring home crazy things. I am a Kindergarten teacher though, and see plenty of things in backpacks that should NOT be in backpacks. One that I see every year with kindergarten is milk/dairy products stashed in the backpack for later. Poor babies don’t understand that those things go bad!

  65. The strangest thing that came home in my child’s backpack was leaves and caterpillars that he collected on the playground that day!

  66. My 5 year son came home with barrettes and pink rubber bands and then asked me to put them in his hair!!!

  67. I have 3 boys in school and have seen many strange things come home over the past few years (fortunately/unfortunately all three are collectors which have led to some interesting backpack discoveries!), but the strangest were a set of keys belonging to one of my boys teachers! (we guessed (or hope?) they were placed near my son’s bag and accidentally placed in his bag). Luckily they were returned quickly and his teacher was able to make her way home!

  68. My son constantly brings home stuff that isn’t his from preschool. He somehow convinces his teachers that the items belong to him. Sneaky little guy.

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