WIN IT! MamaRoo The PERFECT Calming Solution for Babies!

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED The Winner is: Jenn Whittington-Porter:  Hollywood Hot Moms is giving away THE perfect baby product, the MamaRoo plush high-tech baby swing.  This genius product swings and sways simultaneously like parents do to calm their babies. With 5 unique motions like “car ride” and “kangaroo”, and a hookup for mp3 players, it is one of the hottest baby products on the market today!  You can WIN IT! letting us know what your number one song you would play through the MamaRoo for your baby!by “Like” this post and “LIKE” is on Facebook Contest starts July 11th and Ends July 18th at 11:00 PM PST. These Plush colors are currently available for pre-order,
ie: ” P.s. these new colors don’t go on sell till July 15th, but you can pre-order them now!”

Designs with new fabric retail for $239.99. Patterns (left to right) – Paint Dots, Green Jacks, Silver Fireworks and Blue Clouds
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Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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96 thoughts on “WIN IT! MamaRoo The PERFECT Calming Solution for Babies!”

  1. im a first time mom and ive always loved the nylon one but this plush one is amazing i would love to have one

  2. I would most likely use the 5 nature sounds the most! However, I would most definitely play “Lead Me” by Sanctus Real ALL THE TIME!!!!

  3. I would try Vengaboys – The Vengabus…unbelievably, this would put my daughter to sleep every time when she was a newborn!

  4. I want one of these sooo bad or my little girl! I would play either ” Isnt she lovely” or any of the music I have from all the Rockabye Baby collections!

  5. Since I would love my sister to have one of these for te baby that will come in a few months the song I would play while I’m around would have to be Breathe by: Faith Hill, since she will need to know to breathe when the baby is not having a good day. :))

  6. Being a first time mom this is on my “dream list” of things to get. I would love to use it to play some Enya or Air Supply (two of my hubby’s faves) and maybe Moby :). LOVE the new colors too!

  7. I also love nature sounds, but would also like to play Baby Lullaby’s, those even put me to sleep!

  8. I would have it play “You are my Sunshine” because my mom used to sing that song to me when I was a baby and I like to sing it for my new son.

  9. The Mamaroo is amazing! I would love if it would play “You are my Sunshine!” It is my favorite bed time lullaby to sing my son. I can remember my mom and dad singing it to me!

  10. I would play my new little princess some of the Crayola Children CD’s that my first lil boy LOVES~

  11. I would play the nature sounds! So soothing & relaxing for both mommy and baby! 🙂

  12. I would play “You are My Sunshine”. My mom used to sing that to us when my sisters and I were little.

  13. Well i would have to play “Angels Must Sleep Too”. My nephew loved that song when he was a baby. Its also a great album of lyllabies.

  14. Ok i know this is random but the Naptime you gabba gabba song puts my older daughter to sleep all the time!!!!

  15. I would play soft calming music,something that would relax the baby and myself because we will both probably be needing a little relaxation for a min. 🙂

  16. i would play twinkle twinkle little star 🙂 that’s my 5 months old favorite song he star smiling when he hear the song my baby boy would love this

  17. I would play all my songs through the Mamaroo! I couldn’t pick just one. I love the pretty designs and the 5 different motions are awesome. 🙂

  18. I would play ‘you and me’ by Dave Matthews! She loves Dave just like mommy and daddy 🙂

  19. 1,000 miles by Vanessa Carlton…..something about piano’s & baby’s…they love it =)

  20. ” you are my sunshine” is a song I would play for my little one. My mom and gma sang it to me and I now sing it to my daughter.

  21. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker. I think that song is so perfect to play to a baby. I played it for mine and it was everything I felt to wards my baby.

  22. I’m loving Matthew Morrison’s version of “Over the Rainbow” from his CD. I sing that song to my little man every night, along with our favorite worship song “In Christ Alone.” Owl City has a great rendition!

  23. The number one song I would play is “Over the Rainbow” from the Israel Kamakawiwoʻole. Love it!

  24. 1. The number one song I would play through the MamaRoo for your baby would be Elton John’s “Your Song”. It just seems perfect for my yet to be born first baby.
    2. I “Liked” this post (Laura Love)
    3. I “Like” Hollywood Hot Moms on Facebook (Laura Love)

  25. Wow, a tough decision. I would have to play Silent Night b/c I sing that softly to my son and it gets him to sleep while I rock him. I then would have to add some Andrea Bocelli and maybe make up my own recordings to play. Something like: I love my mother, I love my mother, I love my mother. lol. Anyway…… Silent Night would be my one song. By the way, these things look Amazing!

  26. This would be awesome to have…hope I win one! I would play the song – Loves Me Like A Rock – by Paul Simon

  27. I would love to win this for my new mom to be sister in law. I’m not sure what song the would play but I am sure it will be something that my brother writes and records to his baby.

  28. I like this post and your facebook page as Jessica Miller. I would play anything by the Beatles (so my husband, baby and I could all enjoy it:)). We would probably start with “I Want to Hold Your Hand” or “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” because those are two of my husband’s favorite songs and their melodies would be soothing for baby.

  29. My son loves the Spongebob Squarepants theme song LOL, so that may be what gets played


  30. Def Nature Sounds, always relaxed my Step-daughter!! and the new baby would look super cute in the Paint Dots MamaRoo : )

  31. I would definitely play some classic Peter Gabriel for my new baby in this MamaRoo (baby due in December) 🙂

  32. I would play Katy Perry – my baby is going to rock and having this MamaRoo would be fantastic.

  33. The Green Jacks MamaRoo is my favourite. I would play some calming music for my soon to be born baby – probably something classical.

  34. I’m not sure what song the next baby would prefer, but my girls both love “You are My Sunshine” and “Lean on Me.” I’d probably play tons of Colbie Calait songs also.

  35. My babe LOVES “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz…SO, that’s what I’d play for her. 🙂

  36. She loves “Have a nice day” by Bon Jovi! I always listened to them and she just smiles & yells when the chorus is played!

  37. I’m a new fan of Hollywood Hot Moms – awesome information. I would love to win the MamaRoo and I would be playing lots of country music as we love our country!!!!

  38. The Green Jacks MamaRoo is adorable. I really like the concept behind this product. I would play, “If I could Turn Back Time” by Cher – a classic that I love.

  39. I’m a soon to be dad, but I’m married to a hot mom. I’m in a band, so I would play my little one my own music. (King Sparrow – get that baby rocking out early)

  40. Joshua Radin is a fav in our house, so I would definitely be playing that through the MamaRoo.

  41. The number one song that I would play for my baby is Brown Eyed Girl.
    Thanks for the fun giveaway Hollywood Hot Moms!

  42. My daughter’s number 1 song is “Itsy Bitsy Spider” so this song will be playing through the MamaRoo.

  43. The MamaRoo patterns and colours are amazing!!! I would play “I’m Yours” on my MP3 player hook-up.

  44. Hard picking just one song, but I would probably play unchained melody, that is a beautiful song. I would be so excited to win one, doesn’t matter what color. Thanks 😀

  45. My son, Easton, would love this. I would play our favourite song, – Fireworks by Katy Perry.

  46. There are so many favourites that we have in our house. We love Celine Dion, so it would have to be My Heart Will Go On.

  47. The Paint Dots are so sweet, I am due in September with my first little angel and I would love to welcome her home with a wonderful MamaRoo! My first song to her would be Forever and For Always – Shania Twain – Beautiful celebrate her arrival. Thanks..God Bless You 🙂

  48. Would LOVE to win a MamaRoo – I heart them!!!
    The first song that I would play would be NKOTB – bringing it back Old School – my favs!

  49. This would make my day to win – I have a baby due in October. The first song that I would play for Baby Mills is Alanis Morrissette – love her music!!

  50. I would play “You Are My Sunshine” through the MamaRoo. I liked this post and liked Hollywood Hot Moms on facebook.

  51. I would play emus as it is serene and calming for me and bs y too I would also play nature sounds! What a cool gadget!

  52. My kids tell me they would play “Baby, Baby, Baby ohhhhhh” for their baby sister…hmmm…not sure that is the best choice, but I’m sure she’d enjoy it!

  53. Oh, please, I would love one! We can’t afford anything like this but it is so cool! My 4 month old and I love to groove to Jack Johnson and I like to play nature sounds for my little guy, as well!

  54. Wow, what a cool invention – love that it has 5 different motions too! The song that I would play for my little baby bean (due in November) would be something from Mariah Carey – my favourite is I had a Vision of Love – bringing it back old school!

  55. Wow, this looks amazing! I would probably play These are the Days by Van Morrison for my new baby, because those first few months are so precious 🙂

  56. Fab Giveaway. I would be playing anything by Katy Perry – she has some amazing songs and an amazing voice!

  57. White noise for the first few weeks then maybe some Journey or whatever genre calms her

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