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WINIT! ONE Lucky  winner gets a $100.00 gift certificate to TwigTale!  That means they could make 4 books – picking from the 15 different titles that TwigTale currently has available. (& That number is growing!)Please enter in raffelcopter Below!! P.S. You must leave your comment in the comment section to be eligible to win!

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TwigTale gives parents, friends and family the ability to create personalized storybooks for kids ages 0-5 using their own photos and words. TwigTale offers fun books, learning books, gift books and books to help with challenging childhood transitions. They provide the editable template and parents make it your own masterpiece.


Twigtale writes stories that allow consumers to change names and details, easily editing the book to make it very specific to their little one.  Using their photo galleries, customers can upload their own photos and simply drag and drop them into the book template – building a book in minutes. The book is then printed and shipped directly to the customer. And if they like, the customer can share their book on their Facebook page or Twitter feed with TwigTale’s built-in sharing tools.


TwigTale’s fifteen titles (and counting) cover a wide variety of topics, including transitioning from a crib to a bed, moving, separation anxiety, starting school, learning to share, and dealing with the addition of a sibling (complete list below.) The books are available for purchase at and cost $20.00 each (plus shipping and handling).


Let’s face it – most people love reading about themselves.  And kids are no different.  Parents will be surprised at how many times their child will ask them to read “his” or “her” Twigtale story – and amazed at how well they absorb the unique lessons contained within each book.  Twigtale books are written in simple language so that kids are engaged at their level of development and comprehension.


Childhood transitions can be challenging – and even overwhelming – for both parents and their child.  Child development experts suggest that using books or stories to introduce the upcoming change can help eliminate any surprises for the child and give them the tools they need to handle the transition.  Many of TwigTale’s books are specifically designed by professionals to help ease transitions.  Whether preparing for a new sibling, sleeping for the first time in a “big kid bed,” adapting to a new school, or moving to a new house, Twigtale lets parents create a personalized storybook using language provided by child development experts that is designed to help their child adjust to new experiences in a healthy, yet fun, way.


Twiglets : Ages 0 to 3 years

Who Loves Me?
This simple, precious book shows your child all of the people who love and cherish him or her. A customer favorite!
Crib to Bed
Fish sleep under water with their eyes open and bats sleep hanging upside down. Where do you sleep? In a bed! This simple, fun book is a great way to help transition your child from a crib to a bed.
Book of Firsts
TwigTale’s version of a baby scrapbook! Gather up photos of your child’s milestones and make a book that will not only fascinate your child, but also chronicle the first moments of your child’s life for posterity’s sake.
“Loved” is a book that describes to young children what love is. Written by one of TwigTale’s child development experts, it uses photographs and familiar situations to demonstrate just how loved your child is on a daily basis.

Nose and Toes (and Everything in Between)
Where is your nose? There is your nose! Make this adorable book with photos of your children to teach them where their body parts are.


I Can Count!
Two dogs! Three swings! Five cookies at Grandma’s house! Take photos of common objects in your child’s life to teach him or her how to count to ten. Examples of potential objects include toys, food items or your child’s favorite people. 

Twigs : Ages 18 months to 5 years 

Show your child the holiday traditions that are important to your family! This book relies mostly on stock photos, so only a few personal photos are required.Holidays
Always Comes Back!
Separation anxiety can be paralyzing to children and heartbreaking for parents. Reassure your child that he or she is loved and remembered and that you will always come back.
Busy Day
Help your child get a handle on his or her daily routine. This book will walk your child through the schedule and activities that he or she might encounter in a given day. 
Soon-to-Be New Sibling
Expecting a new baby? Prepare your older child for his or her new sibling.
I Have a New Sibling
Has a new baby joined your family? Help your older child adjust to his or her new sibling.
Parents Go on a Trip
You are ready to get away for a vacation, but you are worried about how your child will cope while you are gone. Help ease everyone’s anxiety with this book.
Fear. Excitement. Confusion. All are common emotions for your child to feel when facing a move. Prepare him or her with memories of your old home and photos of your new home.
Starting School
Starting a new school year can be an overwhelming experience for your child. Help your child prepare for the new routine, new surroundings, and new people with this book.
Learning to Share
The concept of sharing can be difficult and troublesome to a young child. This book uses concrete scenarios to help your child build confidence when it comes to sharing situations.


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35 thoughts on “WIN IT: TwigTale $100.00 Gift Certificate”

  1. This is such a cute idea, all the book titles are great but I would have to say my favorite is loved.

  2. These look awesome! My little Ella would love all of these! Thanks for doing such a great giveaway!!

  3. I have a made up story called Bus Guck about a bus driver and a two kids Sally and Jonny, and their Mom who became good friends with Bus Guck. Together they go on adventures to candylands, and icecream worlds, etc!

  4. I love to tell my children the story of their births! Its also their favorite story to hear!

  5. I have a made up bunch of tales I tell mygirls about a bus driver named Bus Guck and two kids Sally and Jonny and their mom. Bus Guck and their mom became friends and they all go on adventures to candy lands, or icecream worlds, etc!They also plant flowers in all the neighbors yards as a surprise 🙂

  6. I love reading Junie B. Jones books to my older daughter because she enjoys them so much. My younger daughter loves all of them 🙂

  7. My favorite story would have to be the one of when he was born it was just a magical time in my life and for him to always have that has a story would be great!!!!

  8. I made a personalized story book for my kids when they were 3 and 6. They STILL love reading them at ages 8 and 11.

  9. My favorite story to read to my children is Guess How Much I Love YOu. And every night I tell both of them “Love you to the moon and back.”

  10. Okay I must be lnviig under a rock because I have never heard of this book But that wont stop me from finding it and reading it! What an amazing premise. Thank you for sharing(I’m sure Will would love to read this too)Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..

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