WINIT! $100 Gift Card and Scarf up to $74 from Lolly $174 Value

Photo Courtesy of LOLLY

WINIT!!! You can ENTER to WIN  A $100 Gift Card and Scarf (valued up to $74) $174 Value! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ENTER BELOW!~ REMEMBER YOU MUST LEAVE A COMMENT UNDER THE BLOG POST!

Love the Scarf Gwyneth Paltrow is wearing? Get her look with Lolly’s Animal Dots Scarf layered over their Striped Genny Tee! Distressed jeans, an over-sized tote and some statement-making shades gives this daytime outfit a luxe look! You can get the scarf and tee the Lolly Shop, where you can check out more of their recently launched Spring/Summer 2012 collection in their newly expanded online store. Known for their unique, hand-dyed patterns and lush natural fabrics, this LA-based design house has even dressed one of the most famous celebrity mom’s of all –  Michelle Obama!

*****Check back as they  will also be launching an expanded online store next month for Spring/Summer…

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Hot Moms Club was founded in 2005 and have had their fingers on the pulse of mom trends ever since. Their philosophy is simple, ‘You are not the best mom unless you are the BEST YOU!’

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69 thoughts on “WINIT! $100 Gift Card and Scarf up to $74 from Lolly $174 Value”

  1. A scarf is my favorite fashion accessory. Always has been. There’s so much you can do with one & it can totally change an outfit. I really LOVE the Lolly Shop’s pashmina/silk scarf in burnt mustard as well as the Lolly animal print scarf. Both are so wearable!

  2. My favorite fashion accessory would be a scarf, yet not just used around my neck. Attached to a simple purse or in my hair as a headband or even as a belt.


  3. My favorite fashion accessory is neckwear either a scarf, or a long station style necklace, and my new obsession now that I have a teething baby is Chewbeads.

  4. I Love Lolly scarves!!. I gave my daughter in laws one for Christmas and they LOVED them!!!
    I really like the “cardigan” for over short sleeves tops. It’s just the right thin/thickness for daytime use.
    The unique materials you use are “SWEET”!!

  5. Do LOVE all of my Lolly. My hoodies are my favorite weekend attire and I wear my animal print scarf with almost everything these days. Really looking forward to seeing what they come up with next.

  6. My favorite accessory is (or are?) earrings. I never wore them when I was younger so I’m making up for it with giant colorful ones.

  7. I have always loved the versatility of scarves. But have always been a bit shy about using them myself. I think this would be the perfect thing to get me to jump into the water. And now I am going to have to check out the Lolly shop.

  8. my most favorite fashion accessory will have to be sun glasses, have tons and don’t know where to put them anymore!!! lol

  9. My favorite accessory has to be my daughters, I love when together, we pick out fun bracelets and sometimes a cute headband.

  10. Without kids life is not complete. and kids can make me mom and now make me
    hot mom club member……..its very auspocious for me. thanks to my
    lovely kids.

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