WINIT! 50 Shades of Madness Autographed Books 2 and 3 !

Meeting and talking with E.L James, the celebrated author of the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon was quite an experience.  This extraordinary lady who was virtually unknown just 6 months ago, came strolling into the Willow Ridge Country Club for the DivaMoms Luncheon to a talk with a hundred or so enthusiastic fans followed by an entourage complete with body guards, publicists, managers etc… she has ‘people’ now, 6 to be exact.   For all of her success, she seemed grounded and still surprised by it all, she was lovely and genuine when we spoke.  When asked how her teenage sons felt about the books and if they had read them, she laughed, and said, “ oh no, and they never will, I have really embarrassed them” she said luckily they were very into their video games, and music and she said while the books were doing well in England they had not reach the level of popularity or craze that they have in the states.

Of course it had to be asked how she researched the sex scenes and the dominant/submissive lifestyle, she said she chatted with many people online and talked to someone who experimented with that.  She said at one point she wanted to see what it would sound like to smack a ruler on her palm or leg, and couldn’t find one and she went to her son and asked him if she could borrow his, and he said, “you aren’t going to do anything naughty with it are you???” she said she was taken back and said oh no, just want to draw a straight line.   She also said gave each chapter to her husband and he corrected her spelling grammar etc… but she joked he read them all but he still didn’t get the hint!

When asked if she saw and what she thought about the SNL Mother’s Day spoof, she said she laughed her ‘socks’ off.

E.L said that he dream was to see her books go to print to have them on the shelves in a book store, she never imagined that it would be such a hit.  She is enjoying the success and is living proof that dreams do come true.

Did you read the series? Would you like to win an autographed copy of books 2 and 3?

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