Woman Designs Anti-Sexy Dolls For Kids


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I’m sure you’ve seen the dolls on store shelves everywhere: Monster High, Bratz, La Dee Da, Winx and so on. It seems like every year these dolls are getting tinier, their skirts shorter and their makeup so over the top that even Kylie Jenner is taking notes. Well now one designer has decided to combat these too-sexy dolls for girls by creating “plain” dolls instead.

And by plain, I mean dolls that look more like our daughters with their facial features and real-life proportions. Really, what has taken this so long?!?

46-year-old Bee Hale of Cornwall, England is selling her “Rescue Dolls” to buyers who want the real deal, and not over-sexualized dolls that many parents find too unacceptable for their children to play with.

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She told Yahoo Parenting, “We are also trying to de-sexualize these overly made up dolls, to make them more acceptable for children to play with. We are just trying to make children feel more at ease with what they are going through. We do boy dolls as well, because we think that is very important. We make boy dolls to resemble the more effeminate boys.”

Bee adds that having a “plain” doll while growing up helped her feel more secure with her body shape and that’s why she wants others to have the same opportunity, too. The dolls sell for about $50 with most profits donated to charity.

She added: “I make dolls more acceptable for children and ensure that they send the right message to girls that you don’t have to look like the manufacturers say you do.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself, sister.

Tell us, do you think children’s dolls are becoming too sexy? Would you buy a “plain” doll for your child?

Source via Yahoo Parenting

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