Woman’s 10 Month Old Son Accused Of Ruining Fellow Diners Dinner With Nasty Note Because Of His Screaming


Well Hot Moms, this is a tricky one.

A woman from Nampa Idaho was the recipient of a nasty note dropped off at her restaurant table accusing her of ruining another table’s dinner because of her 10 month old’s screaming. Katie Leach tells KTVB that she was out for dinner with family, including her 10 month old son, when two older ladies dropped a note off at their table which read ‘Thank you for ruining our dinner with your screaming kid. Sincerely, the table behind you.’ (Apparently Katie didn’t save the original note so she had her sister recreate one to post on facebook)



Katie says that she was shocked when the two older women, she estimated to be between 50 and 60, ‘slammed’ the note on her table, but here’s where it gets tricky. Katie admits that her son’s ‘new thing’ is yelling. She said “He will yell when I tell him no, when he’s super excited and happy or just for no reason at all,” Leach wrote on a Facebook post to KTVB. “I’m doing my best to teach him indoor voice and to not yell back at me when telling him no etc, But he is only 10 (almost 11 months) and LEARNING.”  She goes on to tell KTVB in an interview that her son will yell at the top of his lungs for no reason at all.

Now, those of us with kids will understand that kids just do that, but I can’t say that I’d take my baby out to eat at a busy restaurant if he was in his ‘yelling’ phase. I remember that from about 10 months old until almost 2 years old were the ‘non-restaurant’ months in my house, because it was such a tough age to take kids out during. I don’t think passively agressively slamming a note on a table telling someone that their screaming child ruined their meal is the answer, but I also think the parents need to take some responsibility here. Just because you think your child’s screaming phase is cute doesn’t mean anyone else does.

Leach complained about the women to the manager who asked the women to finish their meals and then leave. He said “We’re in the hospitality business. We want all our guests to have a great experience,” said Travis Doster, a spokesman for Texas Roadhouse. “We were voted one of the loudest restaurants by Consumer Reports.  We are proud to be loud. If you want to hear clinking wine glasses and clinking forks, then this probably isn’t the place for you.”

I completely agree that you have to be aware of your surroundings and that you can’t expect a meal at a Texas Roadhouse to be quaint and quiet, but is it too much to ask to not have to listen to screaming babies who are screaming just because they can? I’m really torn on this Hot Moms, because I think I’d be just as annoyed if I were trying to enjoy a meal out (that I was paying for) and I had to sit through a baby constantly screaming. I’m pretty sympathetic to baby sounds and regular kids getting excited and cranky at dinner, but yelling at the top of their lungs because it’s fun would be frustrating. I would just ask to move to another table away from the yelling baby so as to not offend that family and so I would be as far away as possible. Thoughts?

Kelli Catana

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  1. I am torn also, as no baby is perfect. But when minevwere small, I only took them out to eat, when someone else could watch the table if one of my two started to misbehave. In that case the misbehaving baby was taken away from the situation until it calmed down. I really did not feel that the world had to tolerate my childs shrieks when they were not accountable for them. I go out for a peaceful joy filled meal, and do not feel like I should pay for the constant disturbance either. As for the manager, I think he was between a rock and a hard place, but he might have offered the two ladies a discount, or free dessert for graciously tolerating the noise level. This was a difficult call, but it is the responsibility the parents to exhibit some sort of control, without making the world pay for it.

  2. When my boys were young, if we were out at a restaurant and they began to misbehave or become loud, one of us (my husband or I) took them out to the car until they corrected their behavior or quieted down. I have taken my food to-go on several occasions, many times after my order had been placed. I don’t think it is beyond anyone’s expectations to be able to enjoy an evening (or afternoon) out. I work in the hospitality business and expect my customers to respect other customers and staff. A screaming child creates an unpleasant and oftentimes miserable experience and is neither cute nor amusing to other customers, regardless of whether or not they have children. This woman should have taken the child out of the restaurant.

  3. It’s simply never okay to sit with a screaming baby disturbing others, unless of course you are prepared to pick up the tab. Let’s not forget, some folks plan long and hard for a night out and sometimes it may even be a special occasion. My dinner plans don’t include screaming children…ever.

  4. This actually just happened to me about 2 weeks ago. We had just sat down at a restaurant (with horrible acoustics, you could hear a pin drop) and my 13 month old decided it was a great place to start screeching. The screeching isn’t a normal thing for her, but apparently it was that day. I tried to correct her but by the third screech I had my mom take her outside. Most of the people around us were understanding and all said “we understand we’ve been there before” but this heartless lady turned and yelled “yeah your child really isn’t cute” to my mom who was already walking out of the restaurant with her. Now I could understand if she had been screaming the whole time and I was just letting her, but I tried to correct it and when that didn’t work we removed her so that we wouldn’t ruin any one else’s dinning experience. Needless to say that lady ruined my day, and momma bear mode kicked in high gear. Instead of listening to my child scream, she got the death stare from me until she decided it was time to leave. Smh people can be so rude!

  5. I’m a mom of an 17 month old. My husband and I are quite particular of our surrounds so we have a rule. We only frequent child friendly restaurants and if our child gets grumpy we tag team taking turns to calm him down outside. If all else fails…we wrap up the meals to-go and head off homeward bound. We agree that as parents somethings gotta give and that would be the dinning experience amongst other sacrifices. Other people don’t have the capacity to appreciate your child’s tantrums as well as you and I wouldn’t want to put myself or my child in a position to be hurt by others comments or harsh judgemental stares.

  6. I am all for the mom on this one. She went somewhere that is loud already. And I am sorry someone else having a screaming kid does not bug me.

    Now when my kids scream I get them to stop. ( son is 4, daughter 3) But at the same time a place that is a “loud” place by definition. Get you granny panties out of your ass and learn to go somewhere “fancy” you are old enough to know kids scream. Old enough to have grandkids . Get over one little babies who is still learning and sounds like a rebel to me.

    Just my thoughts. And from a mom who’s daughter screams like a banshee when she doesn’t get her way, and son has yet to have a a scream fase. He when though a VERY well behaved fase.

  7. My grandsons (plural) are autistic and a trait they both share is the yelling thing. My daughters take them out for social occasions, ie. restaurants, movies, shopping etc. Because of different ‘triggers’, each will occasionally let out a squeal. When this happens, one of their parents will ask them to use their inside manners and continue on with the activity. Both of my daughters are extremely thoughtful and considerate of other patrons and will take them out if the behavior persitsts. Socialization and proper behavioral skills are learned and if they are kept at home rather than chance occasionally annoying someone, that learning will not happen. I think before I got judgemental, I’d stop and ask myself if there could be special circumstances to which I am not privy.

  8. Keep your screaming kids at home and have some respect for others around you! No one wants to hear any child scream plain and simple 😀

  9. I think both parties were in the wrong. If you have a child who likes to scream at the top of their lungs for no reason at all, it is inappropriate to take said child into a restaurant full of people who don’t want to hear a screaming child. The ladies who left the note could have been more mature about the situation.

    I am a mother and I know how my son acted at that age. Thankfully we didn’t have a screaming stage. If I knew there was a chance of my son acting that way, I would have ordered the food to go and had dinner at home.

  10. My son is almost two and i take him out to dinner if he screams he screams if you want silence stay at home im not just gonna not take my family out because you dont want to hear him scream id rather him scream then not be here at all if you dont like it move why should i keep him at home constantly just because you dont wanna hear him have fun and play??? Maybe you should stay home.

  11. I remember having noisy misbehaving kids in a restaurant. I don’t remember how I handled it and I don’t want to! I’m just glad I survived that part of my life. I must say that I am very tolerant of noisy kids in restaurants today even though most of my friends are not. I have a lot of empathy for young parents. I love little kids/babies and would be more inclined to engage with them. That usually distracts them from their behavior. PS I’m 63 now.

  12. I think both were in the wrong. I’ve got kids and I understand they can get out of hand at times. But I have also been the adult trying to enjoy a decent (kid free) dinner when a kid goes crazy in the restaurant.

    The mother should have done something like take the child out. I have spent more than one dinner/event waiting outside with kids who were acting up. Did it suck for me? Yes. Was it worth doing it so other people could enjoy their time? Yes. My family isn’t the center of the universe and I don’t expect people to “just deal with it” while I try to calm them down.

    The women, on the other hand, shouldn’t have been passive-aggressive and put down the note. I have been incredibly annoyed on more than one occasion when I am having a rare kid-free dinner (often date with my husband) and there is a kid screaming/causing a scene in the restaurant. I also know I have 2 options (maybe 3). First is to ignore it (my option every time so far), second is to ask the waiter if there is a way I can move away from the noise, the third option may be to speak to the family directly (although this can go horribly wrong.)

  13. this is actually funny to me because I don’t allow my boys to be ridiculous like that but if I saw a table do that to another table and act like they have more right than that mom and her child to have divert the way they wanted it, I would have flipped.
    I was one day out with family for breakfast after a ten hr drive to see them. we took up a long table and the manager even allowed us the near booth so my babies could stretch and eat. a table close to us already done with their foods even before ours was out was ever so quietly bitching about how boisterous our table of 10 was and how ridiculous parents we were to take kids out to disturb other people. I heard this and my loud Italian side came out about how ridiculous people are these days assuming their disrespect is allowed because they are of the elderly. add they were leaving while our table was eating I stood in between them and my table and said I hope you have a betterrible day away from us much apologies for taking my children to a family restaurant.

    argue it all you want but if you don’t like something remove yourself or deal with it. unless it’s a formal dress attire restaurant you pay to be out in a social place not in a quiet all by yourself house.

    sincerely a manager of a restaurant and proud mama

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