Woman’s Revealing Facebook Post Shows What 24 Hours Postpartum Really Looks Like

Jan 21, 2016 at 5:43 pm |

As women and mothers we’re constantly inundated with what our body is ‘supposed’ to look like after we have a baby. We’re constantly after ourselves to ‘lose the baby weight’ and get our pre-baby body back as quickly as possible. And let’s face it, seeing people like fitness model Sarah Stage post pictures like this at only 4 days postpartum doesn’t really help us regular women feel any better about our post baby bodies.

  Sure, Sarah is most definitely the exception and not the rule, but women are still expected to snap back to our pre-pregnancy shape in a ridiculous amount of time without any consideration given to the fact that they just pushed a human being out of their body. One woman recently got very real and raw in a facebook post where she posted a picture of herself at 24 hours postpartum, looking very much like most of us regular, non fitness model women looked like.    


“This is what 24 hours postpartum looks like. Baby in sling. Skin to skin. Adult diapers.”