WRONG! School Photoshops Girl With Down Syndrome Out Of Class Picture


An empty classroom of the Nisitenma elementary school in Osaka is seen on May 18, 2009. Japan has confirmed 129 swine flu cases and shuttered more than 2,000 schools and kindergartens in a bid to slow the spread of the virus that may already have infected hundreds. AFP PHOTO / Kazuhiro NOGI (Photo credit should read KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP/Getty Images)

Can you believe this?!? A school in Moscow, Russia photoshopped a young girl with Down Syndrome out of a class yearbook photo because other parents complained that her presence simply “ruined” the album.

Honestly, I’m so upset that I can’t believe that I just wrote the above sentence. I mean, we do live in the year 2015, don’t we?

The image of Masha, who is just 7-years-old, is said to have been edited out of the yearbook, reports the Moscow Times.

At least one parent named Olga Sinayeva took to her Facebook account to defend the little girl and call out the five parents who wanted the little girl taken out of the class photo.

Here’s what she writes:

“The album is all so very pompously glossy, with all kinds of poetry about school, friendship and mutual understanding, with pages separated by parchment paper. The reason why children were asked to return this album is simple: Many parents can’t stand the photograph of the girl, Masha, who has Down syndrome, the daughter of the homeroom teacher, next to their children. The mom is teaching, Masha is sitting quietly … [she] doesn’t get in anybody’s way. Masha practically lives in this class, tries to interact, hugs everyone, she is kind and defenseless, but children shrink away from her.”

Wow. How can parents be so cruel?!? And VAIN, too? There’s no reason why a child should be ostracized this way. I’m sure there are plenty of American classmates who would love to take their picture next to Masha and keep it in their school’s yearbook, too. Am I not right, Hot Moms?

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