Yes, I Judge Moms Who Don’t Teach Their Children How To Write Thank You Notes

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If there is one thing that has become a lost art, it’s writing a thank-you note. Whether it’s for presents a child receives after a birthday party, a wedding gift or for any simple occasion, it’s so sad to see that less and less people out there are taking the time to show their appreciation for someone who has gone over and beyond to put a smile on their friend’s face.

Because technically, how long does it take to write a short, simple note? Two minutes at the most?

Unfortunately, less and less people are doing it, and whatever their excuse maybe, I feel that no one is teaching their children the proper manners they need in order to grow up as appreciative, humble human beings. And that includes saying the words “Thank You” once in awhile, too.

Eve Vawler of The Stir knows what I’m talking about, as she recently wrote:

I have saved many handwritten notes that I’ve received throughout the years and I love rereading them. Especially when they are sentimental or from people who are no longer with me. I want my kids to know that feeling, what it’s like to open a shoe box and stumble upon a handwritten letter or note from someone and reread it again and either laugh or feel nostalgia. But in order for them to know that feeling, they also have to send mail to others, to take the time to compose a letter to a loved one or to thank him or her for sending a birthday or Christmas gift. Whenever my kids receive a letter in the mail, I remind them how good it makes them feel and I explain how good it makes someone else feel to receive mail from them.  

I couldn’t agree with her anymore. It definitely goes both ways, doesn’t it? And yes, I absolutely judge moms who don’t teach their children how to write thank you notes. I can understand saying “thank you” for them when they are little, but parents should definitely encourage their children to reach out to their aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends and make them feel appreciated for their thoughtful gestures. (And sending group e-mails or texts thanking everyone doesn’t count as it feels so impersonal, doesn’t it?) It’s nothing less than the right thing to do.

Source via The Stir


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