Yowza! Greg Grunberg Talks Tech and Family with The Hot Moms…..

Greg Grunberg has starred in some of the most popular shows on television, Heros, Lost, Alias and Felicity to name a few.  Now he adds  The founder of Yowza!!, the first location-based mobile coupon app. Simply put, Yowza!! puts free coupons in your pocket to be used where you eat and shop most we had a few questions for this down to earth dad of 3….

What type of smartphone do you have and on a scale of 1-10 how obsessed are you?  Do you have any favorite games or applications?

I have always owned an iPhone.  Actually that’s not true, I did use a Blackberry for a while, but that ended when the iPhone first came out.  I was an early adopter and haven’t looked back.  Nothing compares.  I created my free app Yowza!! for the world to save money on an iPhone or Android, so those are my faves!  Yowza!! is my favorite, but I am also addicted to Action Movie and Scramble…




What project/s are you working on now? On Screen or off? What inspired you to create YOWZA?!

I’m currently shooting a new pilot for CBS that has some really amazing people attached and I’m having a blast doing comedy.  This is a sitcom shot before a live audience which is too much fun.  I also just wrapped a couple of films in the syfy world of things that could be pretty cool so we’ll see.  My band BandFromTV.org has been keeping me pretty busy flying all over the country raising money for our many charities like my foundation TalkAboutIt.org.  On the Yowza!! side of things we are expanding pretty rapidly nationally and about to announce some really great things in addition to the airports we cover.  If you don’t know, you can use Yowza!! for everything from Pinkberry to Starbucks when you travel.  Yowza!! started because my wife and I try to be smart with our money and while shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond we forgot our 20% cardboard coupon they send you in the mail and I thought there has to be a better way.  So I partnered with a very smart guy August Trometer and we created a simple way to always carry and easily use coupons at your favorite stores and restaurants right on your iPhone or Android.  You don’t have to check in, become the mayor, or play games to save money.  And unlike Groupon you don’t have to pre-pay for anything… just check Yowza!! when you are ready to pay at Big 5 Sporting Goods, for example, or show the server or clerk and save money – they scan the barcode right off your phone… parenting is hard enough.

An issue many parents struggle with now is whether to get their kids a smartphone, Do your boys have them?

Two out of three of them do carry a smartphone.  Our youngest Sam is still too young… he’s only eight.  But it has saved us on many occasions where a baseball coach forgot to show up, or a friend’s mom was supposed to carpool and just forgot.  It’s nice security as long as it doesn’t get abused.  We never use it as a babysitter in the car or at the dinner table…rules are important.

Your son Jake has epilepsy, tell us about what you have done to raise awareness.

Actually, for the last couple of years my foundation, Talk About It (TalkAboutIt.org) has set out to embrace the world of epilepsy and let the 5 million Americans living with the condition know they are not alone.  It’s important with any disease or condition to have an open dialogue with friends, co-workers, and family so they know what to do if you need help.  AND it is important to let the world know the truth about epilepsy… that’s what the site it about.  Everyone should click on it and see what it’s all about, then TALK ABOUT IT. 

Brag for a second, tell us something you love or wonderful about your wife, your kids.

My family is EVERYTHING to me.  My beautiful wife Elizabeth and our amazing boys Jake, Ben & Sam are what drives me.  Nothing else matters.

 Can you share a funny story from the set of Heroes?

The funniest thing is that we’ve been off the air for YEARS now and people are still talking about it.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate that.  It means we did something right.  I miss that show.


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