Zuma Rossdale Rocks OSHKOSH

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Zuma Rossdale, 2, knows how to rock a look, taking after parents, Gwen Steffani and Gavin Rossdale and following in the footsteps of fashion-forward, older brother, Kingston, 5.  Even with a blue cast on one arm, Zuma is a able to ride a pony at a Los Angeles Farmers Market in California.
This rock-n-roll kid keeps his blond locks out of his eyes, so that he can see out of his red aviator sunglasses.  Similar to the $9.95 pair at Everyday Eye Wear.  He is also wearing the classic “engineer style” OSH KOSH B’Gosh overalls over a navy blue tank top.
Zuma certainly knows how to dress for a day of fun.
OSH KOSH B'Gosh Hickory Stripe Overalls ($28)
Red Aviator Sunglasses Like Zuma's


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