12 Unspoken Things Every Parent Does That Annoys Everyone Around Them

I hate to admit this, but I’m pretty sure I am THAT person who is the annoying parent in the group. I’m not the kind of person who judges other people if they bottle feed their kids in public or constantly yaps about how * special * my child is when no one is asking, but I sometimes I can’t help but talk about my kids… a little too much. I’m not going to lie to you, but I kind of like my children. I mean, they’re OK people. Sure, I probably take way too many photos of them, stress over the little things they do and find their otherwise annoying habits (like burping the ABC’s or singing Taylor Swift songs in public) to be cute, but someone’s gotta do it. I am their mom and DID make them, after all.

But I do get how talking too much about my children can be annoying. I also understand that uploading every single photo on my iPhone on Facebook can lead to some serious eye ball rolling from my friends. But I’m not the only one who does it. I’m sure there are a lot of things that every parent does that annoys the crap out of everyone else, without them even realizing it.

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Here are 12 things parents do that annoy the crap out of everyone!

1. You talk about your kids to strangers on the bus, the doctor’s office, the grocery check out line…

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We get it. You friggin’ love your children. But is it necessary to show every single person you meet pictures of your child’s art masterpiece they made after breakfast of a video of their last soccer goal on your phone? I don’t think so.

2. You expect everyone to be on their tippy toes when your child is sleeping. 

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Look. Your child seems to be a very light sleeper. He or she wakes up at the slightest sound. You are constantly on pins and needles over it. I get it. But why must the rest of the world suffer over it?!?!

3. You overshare on Facebook. Everyday, 3-4 times a day.

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The entire world sees that your are a very proud parent who loves to overshare about your child’s daily achievement. Your baby burped today. YAY! But some things are better left unshared.

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