15+ Funny Tweets That Prove Coffee Is a Must For All Parents

From an early age, I was always reminded of my dad by the smell of coffee. I memorized the way he would always order his coffee and never did understand the appeal or need for the caffeinated beverage.

Even when I became a parent, coffee wasn’t something I needed to get me going in the morning, but all that changed drastically after welcoming my third child. I was outnumbered and I swore they were planning between them how to keep me up all night with them taking shifts waking up.

When that happened, the world of coffee and caffeine and the literal need for it before moving or talking was oh, so clear — and I’m not alone.

Credit: Gilmore Girls

If you have a love for coffee or you’re not sure what the obsession is all about, these tweets from parents will have you LOLing.

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