15 Times I Coudn’t Stop Laughing at This Gas Station’s Random Signs

When I see a clever, funny or different sign or ad on the street it always catches my attention. It doesn’t matter if I’m driving, riding my bike or just walking passed it, but when I see something out of the ordinary, I’ll glance at it, maybe think about it for a second, and then move on. And if it’s a really good ad that has managed to spark my interest, I’ll go home to further research it, especially if it’s a great sale, a movie that I want to see or a brand new restaurant opening in the area.

I’m sure a lot of people do the same thing. Yet for the residents of Wallingford, Connecticut, they can’t help but get a chuckle each time they pass by one particular gas station that offers some pretty clever sayings, phrases and quotes of the day. When you read through these, you’ll know why Wallingford Signs has become the new hit viral sensation on the internet.

Credit: Facebook / WallingfordSign

These random gas station signs have the entire internet laughing and wanting more!

1. My Real Ladder Is Missing From My Life

funny signs
Credit: Facebook / WallingfordSign

Oh my goodness, this is a great play on words. And I really to hope that the people of Wallingford have a great sense of humor to appreciate jokes like this one. Step ladder and real ladder… get it?

2. The Cost of an Education vs. Ignorance

Credit: Facebook / WallingfordSign

Truer words have never been spoken! But at the same time getting an education is damn expensive, and unfortunately it’s something you can’t ignore. Just ask the millions of adults who are trying to pay off their college debt. Also, that hilarious spelling error has me laughing hard.

3. Walking Into a Spider Web

Credit: Facebook / WallingfordSign

Hey, there’s nothing creepier than walking in a spider web. After dealing with one, I’m sure you can skip Zumba class, LOL!

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