40 Age Appropriate Chores Your Child Can Do

Now that our summer vacation is in full swing, I’m trying to get my children to help more around the house. As someone who is sick of picking up everyone’s mess, constantly doing the laundry and taking care of everyone’s needs, I am doing everything that I can to encourage my children to help more around the house.

After all, kids learn perseverance, good habits, responsibility and self-motivation through simple tasks and chores. These chores will become a part of their daily routine and be a habit that they will carry with them into adulthood. What better way could you teach your kids from a young age self-sufficiency? In other words, the younger they start, the better!

Use chores as a way to help your teen become more responsible, but make sure your teen doesn’t take on too many chores. Find a healthy balance that will give your child plenty of time to do homework and have some fun, while also teaching valuable life skills.

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Here’s what your kid can start doing right now

2-3 Years Old

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Make their own bed

Pick up their toys and books from off the floor

Put laundry where it belongs – in the hamper!

Help feed family pets

4-5 Years Old

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Clear or set tables

Load a dishwasher

Empty a dishwasher

They can also take their laundry to the laundry room and help match socks and straighten their own rooms

6-7 Years Old

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They can help clean bathroom sinks and counters

They can help sort laundry by colors

They can collect trash from wastebaskets throughout the home

Help pack school lunches



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