5 Parenting Tips to Help Raise an Independent Child

5 Parenting Tips to Help Raise an Independent Child

By Lambeth Hochwald

5 Parenting tips to help raise an independent child. Next time you’re about take over your child’s science project or even make their bed, put down the poster board and leave the sheets where they lie. While we may want to do everything we can to make our kid’s lives easier. we shouldn’t.

There’s a fine line between being supportive and doing too much for our children. Here, two child-development experts offer five ways to gently sway you away from becoming a helicopter parent. Bonus: these methods will help your child become more independent and confident.

1. Create Little Helpers

If your kids are young, it’s easier to get the idea of doing chores ingrained in their heads. For a preschooler it’s as easy as saying something like “When you finish playing with those blocks, the next part of play is putting them away,” suggests Margaret Owen, PhD, director of the Center for Children and Families at the University of Texas in Dallas.

2. Direct over Do

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7 thoughts on “5 Parenting Tips to Help Raise an Independent Child”

  1. This is the right advice. This how my. Mother brought me up. She was a visionary. And knew this ahead of the.field. God bless her memory
    . The greatunackowleded truth is that. We are not naturally good parent.s and we need guidance such as yours to get it right. Thank you for this great website.

  2. Very true… We moms shud always do in this way… As our main concern is to brought them up as an independent confidnt person, who will be always ready to face watevr the situation is.

  3. Great tips! We need to raise an independent, confident generation in order to create a beautiful future.

  4. I’ve done these methods in my own words with my son, but am having trouble with my 2 year old daughter. You see, my dilemma is that her mommy’s mom, (grandma), wipes all my efforts off by not letting her feed herself, never telling her she’s done wrong, letting her sleep with her in “grandmas” bed, (meaning its a fight to get her in her bed when she’s home) and so on. Now I completely understand that she is “grandma”, and that there’s a “spoil” factor that they’ve been looking forward to for a long time, but its got to stop somewhere. Now mommy has a little trouble putting her foot all the way down and I have no problem. So I guess my question is, how would someone approach grandma without losing the little “liking” we have for each other by coming across rude?

  5. Explain to your child that grandmothers are special people who love them unconditionally. Tell her that whatever she does or enjoys at Grandma’s house is a special treat for her and that at home or at anyone else’s house she must follow your rules.

    I wish my Mom was here to spoil my granddaughter so that I could disagree with everything she does. But she was taken at a young age and I will not have that luxury.

    I have strong rules at my home for my granddaughter taught by the wonderful upbringing from my single-parent mother. My granddaughter follows my rules without question while she runs rampant at her own home. Why she listens to me I don’t really know. I am strict but fair and I think, even as a 4 yr old, she understands this.

    Have patience and be persistent, no matter how tiring it gets. You will proudly see results eventually.

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