5 Things Nobody Tells You About Adopting a Puppy!


After seeing this  heart-tugging ASPCA commercial about animal rescue. I just could not pass this idea up!

#1. Take your puppy to a vet to be checked before taking them home

We did not do this and we regret it. We love our puppy and we are very, very lucky he actually lived. But, thinking he was the calmer personality vs. thinking he was sick was not what we had planned.

Photo Credit / Hot Moms Club

Photo Credit / Hot Moms Club

#2. Rescuing Still Means Paying Money ~ Potentially A LOT OF MONEY!

Our first dog was a purebred and very expensive. We thought rescuing Seaver would be the right choice and not nearly as expensive. Let’s just say Seaver cost more than double of what we paid for Mookie.  You need to be prepared that there may be “other” costs that will be your responsibility.

#3. Adopting a puppy is similar to having a newborn!

While you don’t have to do this, you really should plan to get a puppy when you have a good 3 – 6 months that you can stay home and not worry about trips and or if you’ll have time to potty train!

Photo Credit Hot Moms Club

Photo Credit Hot Moms Club

#4. The coloration around their eyes can be from fleas! We had no idea and thought this was typical discoloration. After being sick to my stomach thinking we had fleas in our house, we cleaned up seavers eyes and it never came back. We also invested in Alkaline water. It apparently does help keep their eye goop less smelly!

#5. Once you adopt a dog they are your responsibility, NO MATTER WHAT! I will be honest, while I knew this, I didn’t KNOW this. When we hit the $4,000 point after only having this puppy for less than 2 days we were confused what to do!   We were fortunate we could do it and our rescue told us that if we did loose the puppy they would give us a new one. They were so happy we were the ones with this dog as they could not guarantee that anyone else would had taken care of him like this.

Photo Credit/ Hot Moms Club

Photo Credit/ Hot Moms Club

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