6 Apps That Will Simplify Your Thanksgiving

6 Apps That Will Simplify Your Thanksgiving

By Kara Solarz

The famous turkey brand has a lot more than a bird to offer. Manage your menu with this app’s extensive and searchable list of Thanksgiving dishes and beyond. It includes voice commands so you know the next step when you’re hands-deep in dough, a shopping list, conversion charts, substitution suggestions, timers and how-to videos.
Available in: iTunes
Cost: $4.99

No need to scour the store Thursday morning for the one ingredient that didn’t make it on your list. With this app, you can create shopping and to-do lists you can share with your family in real time. The app also calculates costs, saves your shopping history and keeps tabs on what’s in your pantry through its scanning feature. If you upgrade to the Pro version, you can keep track of coupons too.
Available in: Google Play
Cost: Free, but Pro version costs $1.99

Whether you’re flying to Grandma’s or going on airport pickup duty, this app can help you avoid traveling turbulence. Get real-time info on departures, arrivals, delays and weather conditions — you can even access each airport’s flight board.
Available in: iTunes
Cost: $1.99

This cheap-gas finder works on the road to help you locate the best prices as you travel — which you’ll be especially thankful for when you burn up fuel in traffic. Bonus: If you report prices to this community-driven app, you’ll earn points toward a weekly $250 gas-card giveaway.

Available in: iTunes, Google Play, Windows
Phone Marketplace, BlackBerry App World

Cost: Free


Don’t panic if you get called to the table during a turnover. You can stay in
touch with all of Thursday’s games — and your fantasy lineup — from your lap
with this intuitive app.

Available in: iTunes, Google Play

Cost: Free



Don’t let that 4 a.m. alarm go to waste. Plan out which sales you’re going to
hit with this Black Friday app, which notifies you of deals as the ads come in
and helps you create a shopping wish list. You can also access PDFs of Ad Scans,
which will save you the headache of clipping (and organizing) coupons. If Black
Friday is not your scene, you’re in luck: There’s also a TGI Cyber Monday app
that helps you find and share online shopping steals — plus you can make
purchases directly from your smartphone.

Available in: iTunes, Google Play

Cost: Free

Kara Solarz is a web editor, freelance copywriter, and avid but inflexible yogi who’s
written for WhatToExpect.com, DailyGlow.com,
Totally Dublin and Chaos magazine. This is her first
article for
Completely You.


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