Adele Gushes About Motherhood And Speaks About Her Body Image Insecurities In New Candid Interview

After being out of the limelight for the past few years, singer Adele is back and and we couldn’t be happier for it. The singer has been busy promoting her new album ’25’ and her latest single ‘Hello’ which I have on repeat on my iPod constantly, and while doing interviews she’s been quite open and candid about how her life has changed now that she’s a mom.

Adele and her longtime boyfriend Simon Konecki welcomed their son Angelo 3 years ago, and it changed Adele’s life. While speaking with Sirius XM’s Jenny Eliscu during a town hall interview, Adele opened up about having Angelo.

“I think everything else in my life now being about someone else and not about myself. Now he really slows the world down for me which I appreciate when I’m doing this kind of thing and when I’m not, you know everyday life is fast as well.

“And just the out of body experience of loving someone so much regardless of anything, and even the stuff I find really hard when I get stressed and wound up as well of being a mom teaches you stuff about yourself.”

I think all of us can agree with that, that our kids make us reevaluate our priorities. Funny enough, Adele told Rolling Stone that she had written some songs about being a mom but,

“I did write an album about being a mum but that’s pretty boring. I scrapped that.”

!! That’s kind of funny, because it can be pretty boring!

Adele also spoke about body image and how she still gets insecure, but she tries not to let it get to her and surround herself with people who are positive.

“I do have body image problems for sure but I’ve had them all my life. There’s bigger issues going on in the world than how I might feel about myself.”

“But mainly there’s only one of you, so why would you want to look like anyone else? Why would you want the same hairstyle as everyone else? And have the same opinions as everyone else?”

It’s so true, but it’s nice to hear a celebrity say that. And it’s nice to see a celebrity who is gorgeous and talented and not a size 0 say that! Your words of wisdom today, courtesy of Adele.  Watch Adele perform her latest song ‘When We Were Young’ below.


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