App~solutely Amazing~ 6 Must-Have Apps That Can Dramatically Improve Your Life

We live in a time where there is a need for speed and for everything to happen effortlessly right???.   An average Mom/Dad/ Caregiver  performs multiple tasks during each day besides their regular work. We organize our time as best as we can to do as much as possible. Still, efficiency is the key. Luckily, with modern technological advancements we can get the information we need almost instantly, and while on the go.
Find the most helpful tools for parents or caregivers is important to us – Check out these 6 apps.
MomCo App-  This app was started by tenacious single mom Jillian Darlington, and with a click of a button her vision connects you to like minded moms in your area.  There are also shopping deals and discounts from your favorite local vendors…it’s free! check it out~


Tasters: Free Food Sample App-   My 15 year old son is obsessed with food~duh, and especially samples, I am convinced it is the only reason he goes into Trader Joes with me, this app is genius, with a touch of a button you it gives you locations close to you that are offering free food tastes! Um…YUM~ the app is free, why not??

TINE Tags– Record Audio And Video Messages Onto Interactive Stickers 

This is really cool! TINE Equals Post-it Notes Plus YouTube a new way to share experiences by recording audio or video onto interactive stickers called TINE Tags. Stick a TINE Tag where you want it, scan it with the TINE app, record your message and save. Anyone scanning the TINE Tag with the TINE app will instantly hear or see the message and you’ll be notified each time your TINE Tag is scanned.

  • To a gift. Scan and record a celebratory message.
  • To your child’s jacket. Scan and record lost and found information.
  • To an invitation. Scan and record an extra special message.
  • To your baby’s food container. Scan and record directions for the babysitter.
  • To a cookbook. Scan and record recipe notes. 
Waterlogue-  This app turns your photos into watercolor art…fun to create, and the end results can be unique and extraordinary, perfect to keep for yourself or as a great gift.  $2.99  available for iphones and ipads

Hook’d- This app is appropriately named, it’s karaoke meets social media, it lets you break out your inner Beyonce’ and create music tracks and share with friends… pricing depends on the audio effects you choose.

BH Trainer Powered by PEAR– We learned of this app during our Healthy is the New HOT Fitness Challenge !  What we love about the BH Trainer App is anyone, despite budget or fitness level, can now afford to have their very own personal trainer. The app features a team of world-class coaches and elite athletes with unique fitness and athletic specialties, ranging from running to weight loss to yoga to specialized sport and race training. Plug in your ear buds and enjoy the audio-coached workout or a video too.   If you are using a bluetooth heart rate monitor, they can be calibrated to either push you or make you taper off your effort according to your target heart rate zone. 

Jessica Denay

Jessica Denay is the founder of Hot Moms Club, author of the Hot Moms Handbook series, and has appeared on more than a hundred television shows as a lifestyle expert, since 2005 she has dedicated her life to helping moms feel good about themselves. Jessica practices what she preaches, she strives to live a life of healthy and harmony, her wellness articles highlight all of the things that have help her achieve peace love and healthiness! ;-)

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