Artist Turns Your Most Nostalgic Childhood Pics Into Incredible Tattoos

Thank goodness there are talented people like Alican Gorgu in this world that can take some of our most precious photos and turn them into remarkable tattoos that you can literally take with you and keep close to your heart everywhere you go.

Alican has always been attracted to images and the feelings underneath, according to an article on Bored Panda. A graduate in Photography, the Turkish artist is a TV series and movie buff is going viral for turning simple but favorite family photos into incredible tattoos that can be cherished forever.

As far as how it all began, Alican says that it was quite simple. He says that he was either going to get a mundane office job or dedicate his life to doing what he loves the best. “One day, with my computer, I started drawing on a family photo someone sent me, without showing their faces as in a traditional portrait. I discovered that the main lines and postures of the family members were enough to feel the memory out of it.”

And the result is some amazing tattoos that we’ve never seen before! Even though I’m not a huge fan of tattoos in my age anymore, I would seriously consider getting a small photographed of my family (or at least my kids) tattooed in a place that I can only see. Some of these really are gorgeous!

It’s no wonder Alican loves to call himself a pigment ninja. This artist has some incredible talent!

Credit: Instagram / @pigmentninja

This artist turns your most nostalgic childhood pics into stylish tattoos so you always have them by your side!

1. Your Parents’ Wedding Photo 

Credit: Alican Gorgu

There’s no better way of telling your parents just how much you love them and appreciate them by getting a photo from their wedding day tattooed on their arm. After all, they are the reason for your being!

2. Your Baby Girl Reading Before Bed Time

Credit: Instagram / @pigmentninja

This is absolutely precious. As a parent, I can recall all the times my children went to bed pretending to read their picture books in the evening. What a lovely memory to capture both on print and in ink.

3. Spending the Day at the Beach With Your Sister

Credit: Alican Gorgu

Beach days are the best days, right? I’m pretty sure that a lot of people can agree that some of our best childhood memories are the ones that we spent near lakes and oceans.

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