Baby Hammock For Shopping Carts~ Safe Or Not Safe?

baby cart hammock



There are a lot of baby products out there and we see our friends posting and sometimes need to figure out how safe we think something is.

We found this Baby Hammock by Binxy baby and had to ask the question would you use this? Would you take a chance on the baby getting restless and tipping it over? If you turned your back for one second could something happen?

We Checked out their site and found some answers.. but even if they have figured this all out.. How much are you willing to risk?

You can purchase and or ask more questions by clicking on this Baby Hammock ( p.s. we have not tried this out, nor is this advertisement).

How secure is the Shopping Cart Hammock?

The Shopping Cart Hammock has two sturdy 12 inch clips on both sides that hook over the edge of the shopping cart. These clips are engineered to hold up to 50 pounds. The clips are then secured to the shopping cart by a Velcro strap. The combination of the 12 inch clips and the Velcro strap prevents the Shopping Cart Hammock from tipping or coming unhooked. We also use two layers of upholstery weight fabric and reinforced seams to ensure the highest quality product for your baby.


What are the age limitations?

The Shopping Cart Hammock is designed for children from birth until they can sit upright unassisted. It is not recommended for use once they are strong enough to pull themselves up or try to climb out of the hammock.


What are the weight limitations?

The Shopping Cart Hammock can hold up to 50 pounds.


Is my baby too long?

The total length of your baby doesn’t really matter as much as their seated height. If you measure from their bum to the top of their head, that’s their seated height. It needs to be less than 19 inches to fit comfortably in the hammock. But remember, even if your baby is too long, you can still use it with an infant car seat up to 50 pounds!


Does it really work with an infant carrier?

Yes! Tucked inside a pocket on the side of the Hammock is a seat belt specifically for infant carriers. Once your Shopping Cart Hammock is securely installed and you nestle your infant carrier down into the Hammock, just secure it with the safety strap and you are good to go!


Does the Shopping Cart Hammock fit all shopping carts?

The Shopping Cart Hammock fits most shopping carts (20″-24″ wide) found at big box stores and grocery stores. It does NOT fit the double carts found at some wholesale clubs or the mini carts found at some specialty food stores. The Hammock should be fairly tight when stretched across the shopping cart. Do NOT use if the Shopping Cart Hammock does not fit the cart securely.


Is there a special way to install the Shopping Cart Hammock?

Yes. Due to the taper of shopping carts, the Hammock only fits carts facing one direction. Please install with the “front” tag facing the front (or nose) of the shopping cart.


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