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In a few weeks, school will be out leaving an unstructured summer schedule for your kids to fall into. Fun, yes. But, how do you keep your budding brainiac sharp this summer?  

With the iPad, TV, Gameboy DS and apps a plenty clamoring for attention, getting your child involved with a good old fashioned book can be tough.



Celebrity Parents who support Literacy Programs:  Ludacris, Henry Winkler, Meredith Vierria, Victoria Beckham.  According to the U.S Department of Education, children who do not read over the summer may lose as much as 25% of their reading skills and fall back an entire grade level. In fact, children who read just 6 books during the summer gain or maintain reading skill achieved during the proceeding school year **(Sources: Summer Learning and the Effects of Schooling, &

I have partnered with the Book Of The Month Club to promote their children’s division which is committed to keeping kids enthusiastic about reading this summer with an incredible offer for parents. Here’s the deal: The CHILDREN”S BOOK OF THE MONTH CLUB has crafted the ideal reading list curated by age and by interest. They’ll deliver two books to your doorstep for three months for only a $49.44 price tag (a 50% savings off of publisher’s edition prices, membership)  PLUS a $25 gift certificate for your family to enjoy.

From Goodnight Moon to Diary of a Wimpy Kid to Shel Silverstein and numerous  young adult novels, hundreds of titles are available.

After all, inspiration is the greatest gift you can give your child.


Amy Tara Koch

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