Being Beautiful…Really Beautiful

155903281Being Beautiful…Really Beautiful.  Today’s quick Easy Peasy tip, as we are on the heels of Christmas Day? Show the people you care about that you love them.

Not always easy. But it is quick.

It just takes a second to hug your child. A second to tell your friend you appreciate them. A second (or more if you’re lucky) to kiss your spouse.

I guess this is a beauty tip. Because…not to get corny…ok, to get really corny…being loving to someone is about as beautiful as a person can be.

Merry Christmas to you all.


From editorial director to marketing specialist, copy writer to copy editor, Cheryl Fenton’s finger is no stranger to the pulse of today’s trends and goings-on in the worlds of fitness, fashion, travel, nightlife and beauty. And in 2007, she added motherhood to her ever-growing list of expertise. Maintaining a strong relationship with her first love of magazines, Cheryl now juggles her exciting career and a never-boring life with her daughter Cadence. With bylines in Glamour, Cooking Light, Wallpaper, Women’s Health & Fitness, Ocean and Elegant Wedding, and marketing creations for Global Goddess Beauty, Pur~lisse, Stride Rite and New Balance, her voice is well-known in the beauty, fitness and fashion industries. Her Easy Peasy blog will offer tips, tricks and products to help all moms-on-the-go be beautiful, fashionable, stylish and live life—all in record time. Cheryl is thankful for her laptop, IPhone and naptimes. For more about Cheryl, visit

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