The Best Toddler Shoes, You Won’t Hate!


My son has fat feet. Not cute little chubby baby toes, but giant square, wide, fat toddler-boy feet. He also hates putting on any type of clothing and will wriggle and wrestle me to the death to stay uncovered. That being said, it’s next to impossible to find shoes that are not a complete pain to put on.

These shoes from ikiki are an absolute dream. First of all, they are adorable. There are four animal characters that are offered in baby booties and toddler shoes. We opted for “Sascha Narwhalski” who is, you guess it, a narwhal-complete with a little horn that lives under the velcro strap. They are soft, super lightweight and have a squeaker built into the heel. Before you say, “Woah, I don’t want to hear my kid constantly squeaking all over the place”, consider this: it’s really easy to locate your wandering toddler in the event they escape from you during a shopping trip. (I discovered this while trying to compare wireless printers one night, trust me, it’s a handy feature). Plus, there is a handy little switch on the side of the shoe that lets you turn the squeaking off.

Cute shoes are great and all, but they have to be functional. Remember those fat feet I mentioned? The ikiki shoes have a velcro strap and a tongue that goes way down, allowing you to basically open the shoe all the way up and stick that chunk foot right in there. Life-changing. Plus, these shoes are specifically designed to support proper walking form and encourage good habits. The high-top design supports the ankle, and the soles are color-coded to help little ones pick the right shoe for the right (or left) foot.

Everyone who has seen these shoes has stopped to ask me where I found them. My almost-three-year-old daughter is so jealous of her brother’s new shoes that she shoves her own, way-too-big feet in them and wears them around the house. The night the wandering toddler took off during my wireless printer expedition? Every employee in the store thought the squeaking shoes were equal parts adorable and brilliant. Win. Win. Win.

You can get ikiki shoes on their indie-go-go campaign here, with special pre-release pricing.

Or, check out their site, here!

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