Celeb-Approved: 9 Gorgeous Hair Braid Styles


Celeb-Approved: 9 Gorgeous Hair Braid Styles

By Shelley Levitt

Celeb-Approved: 9 Gorgeous Hair Braid Styles

Celeb approved: 9 gorgeous hair braid styles! Braids might just be the most versatile hairstyle there is. Even more than the pony or the bun, braided hairstyles can be demure or edgy … and everything in between. Here’s a look at eight great hair braid styles the stars do.

The “Ladies Who Brunch” Braid



If you’re having tea at The Plaza, going to an afternoon wedding or attending a cocktail party with the boss, try a braided updo. Amber Heard, star of the recent thrillers Machete Kills and Paranoia, shows that a few face-framing loose strands of hair keep this ladylike look anything but stiff.

The Boho Milkmaid



Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine rocks a milkmaid braid with full fringe and attitude. This celeb hairstyle is so striking you can skip the jewelry.

The Braid as Accessory



Think of a braid as an elegant accessory, like diamond studs. Katy Perry shows that a thin halo braid is a subtle and flattering finishing touch to lustrous healthy hair.

The Imperfectly Perfect Braid



Don’t get frustrated if you can’t create a perfect plait. Neatness doesn’t matter when it comes to hair braid styles, as Kim Kardashian shows in this side-swept halo braid.

The Hat-Hair Fix



Love hats, but hate hat hair? A side plait, as Elle Fanning demonstrates here, can be the perfect solution.

The Bombshell Braid



If you’ve ever thought a braid couldn’t be sexy, consider Scarlett Johansson’s look at The Avengers premiere. A halo braid shows off a woman’s décolletage beautifully.

The Red-Carpet Braid



Texture and volume made the fishtail braid that Blake Lively wore at a recent movie premiere a red-carpet stunner.

The Edgy Braid



“Punk: Chaos to Couture” was the theme of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest Costume Institute exhibit. Emmy Rossum’s edgy braided updo fit the mood at the gala opening perfectly.

The Professional Plait



Stacy Keibler’s fishtail braid is polished enough for the office, or even a job interview.

Tips for Braids That Make the Grade


  • Healthy hair is the key to braids that don’t look frayed. Banish split ends on the spot with an instant split end repair cream.


  • If your elaborate braid style is held together with bobby pins and elastic, hide the evidence. Tuck the pins into the hair’s twists and turns and wrap a strand of hair around the elastic or use clear elastics.



  • Messy braids will look refined if your hair is glossy. Give hair a radiant finish with a shine serum with argan oil.



  • Creating braids won’t damage your hair if you begin with knot-free locks. After you towel-blot your hair, use a silkening detangler.






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