Celebrity Nanny “EXPERT” Shares Tips to Working for the Stars

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The Celebrity Nanny Matchmaker and confidant Brooke Barousse, has placed nannies for some of Hollywood’s hottest parents.  She has seen everything when it comes to finding the right help for celebrities! With the influx of multiple births and adding to siblings to the family, nannies are the sure way to manage it all!  Her agency Lexington Nannies, is one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets and most referred resource.  For those looking to get into the “nanny business” or just looking for a sneak peek in the lifestyle of A-list celebs, Brooke shares her tips for working with the stars:


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Angelina Jolie– Since she is a very busy celebrity mom with a large family, and she has a husband with an equally busy schedule, they need an UBER nanny that has worked with lots of children at a time. A true professional that not only has nanny experience, but possibly also has experience as a teacher or as a camp counselor.  Also, since they have a home in France,   they will most likely need the nanny to speak French.  The nanny will most likely be working within a large staff, including other nannies, so they will need to have experience in staffed homes.

Jennifer Gardner– She seems like a very down to earth mom who is very hands on with her children. A nanny that works in her home should have experience with stay at home moms.  Although I’m sure Jennifer is busy working, she seems like she alternates movie shooting schedules with her husband, so they have more time where one of the parents is at home with the kids.  There is finesse to working with parents that are in the home while you are working.  It’s almost as if you switch from full charge nanny to mothers helper when needed.  An easy going, go with the flow type of nanny would be best for them.
Sheryl Crow– She is not only a single mother, but a very busy one at that.  She is also on tour a lot, so she needs someone with traveling experience.  The perfect nanny would be someone who has been a professional nanny for a long time.  Someone who has traveled and been on tour with families would be the ideal.  Most likely Sheryl Crow would need a live-in nanny to accommodate her busy schedule, so she needs a nanny with live-in experience.  I picture someone with an A-type personality, someone who can keep things organized, run errands, and manage household projects.  Many nanny jobs go beyond just nanny duties, and I definitely think a nanny/family assistant would be the perfect fit for this household.
Jennie Garth– When I think of Jennie Garth, I tend to think of wholesome girl next door (or mom in this case).  I picture this family as a family that stays in Los Angeles most of the time.  I think a nice, down to earth nanny would be a great fit.  Someone that wants to work a stable, full time, live out job.
Victoria Beckham– This jetsetting, trendsetting family has multiple homes around the world.  Their nanny of choice would need to have experience with traveling frequently and for extended lengths of time.  Their nanny would need to be very presentable, as this is a family that is often photographed.   They would need a nanny that is familiar with handling the paparazzi to protect their children at all times.  This family would have multiple staffed households, so the nanny must have experience working well within a team environment.  Nannies of this caliber also tend to have 10+ years of professional nanny experience.
Natalie Portman– Since she is a first time mom, the best nanny for this position would be someone with first-time mom experience.  It’s one thing to have a very experienced nanny, but it’s a completely different thing to have someone who has worked with first-time moms.  First time moms need someone who knows newborns, understands sleep training, and understands the finesse needed to help where needed but not be pushy.  First time moms are often overwhelmed with everything (understandably), but I find that with the right nanny, the mom can feel an overwhelming amount of happiness, rest, and joy.


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2 thoughts on “Celebrity Nanny “EXPERT” Shares Tips to Working for the Stars”

  1. I’ve worked as a celebrity nanny for the last decade and I’ve never heard of this agency. I’m friends with a few of the nannies that work for these families and they actually found these positions through another LA agency. I think it’s pretty concerning that this agency owner is pretending to have worked with these families.

  2. Thank you for sharing. She is not claiming to work with these celebrities moms she is just suggesting what kind of personality may work best with them. We do appreciate your concern and thank you for commenting.

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