College Student With a ‘Deadly’ Allergy Was Hazed in an Incredibly Dangerous Way

19-Year-Old Had Peanut Butter Rubbed on Face

Andrew Seely peanut allergy
Credit: Facebook/ Teresa Seely

Teresa Seely shared a disturbing update along with photos of her son, Andrew Seely, after a hazing incident at Central Michigan University.

She wrote:

“Last night, we found out that our son was a victim of a hazing incident at Alpha Chi Rho Fraternity at Central Michigan University in the fall.

This is a picture of what they did to him. He has a deadly peanut allergy and they rubbed peanut butter on his face while he was passed out.”

Seely carries Benadryl tablets and an Epi-pen at all times because of a severe allergy to peanuts. He is lucky to be alive.

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