Curry Crock Pot Chicken (Recipe)

Curry Crock Pot Chicken

The crock pot is seriously me new favorite (OLD) item in the house! I can easily set it and forget it! I have mastered the slow cook roasted chicken as it has become a once a week staple. But, I do want to try a few more dishes especially when it is a bit cooler out!

Today I decided to create a dish out of things I had in the cupboard!  I just made up the recipe. I do promise you, that I am not being paid by Trader Joes to write this post. It is just a coincidence that all of the items happened to be from them.


1 can of Coconut Milk ( Extra creamy: I know you see high fat but it’s a good fat :).
2 cups of chicken broth
Salt, Curry and Lemon Pepper to flavor
Safron ( 2 pinches once you have 1 hour to go )

Photo Credit Hot Moms Club
Photo Credit Hot Moms Club













  • Set your crock pot for 8 hours on low!
  • Mix together the broth, coconut milk and seasoning into the crock pot (season to flavor).
  • Add your chicken to the crock pot ( ladel a little sauce over the chicken)
  • On the top of the chicken coat it with salt and lemon pepper and then let it cook for 5 hours.
  • At 5 hours if you are home stir the mixture and add more seasoning if you think it needs it (if you are not home don’t worry, this won’t be a problem).
  • Let the chicken sit for 2 more hours then add a few pinches of saffron. At this point you should be able to break your chicken apart so it can all soak in the mixture. I was able to do this with a little fork as it just broke apart without fighting. If you are not home you can add the safron at any point towards the end and break the chicke up.

After your chicken is done you can either serve the pieces as a whole or de-bone and de-fat it and thenserve with any side dishes… Brown Rice, Quinoa, noodles, green beans, asparagus, beets and enjoy!

Photo Credit Hot Moms Club
Photo Credit Hot Moms Club

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