Cynthia Nixon And Her Personal Struggle With Rosacea

Aside from being best known at Miranda Hobbs in “Sex and the City” Cynthia Nixon has accomplished so much in her life. She has had an incredible successful acting career being the recipient of  two Screen Actors Guild Awards, two Emmy Awards, a Tony Award, a Grammy Award AND a GLAAD media award!! She is a proud mother of 3 and also a breast cancer survivor/activist!

But in her 30’s she started experiencing some signs of a skin condition that had her baffled, after being diagnosed with rosacea, Cyntha quickly learned what it was, what triggered outbreaks and what she could do to help her condition.

Here is our own one on one with Cynthia who wants to help educate the 16 million Americans who are battling  the same skin condition that she suffers from.
How long have you battled with rosacea?
 I was diagnosed a few years ago, but began experiencing symptoms in my 30s. Until I was diagnosed with rosacea, I thought I was just dealing with acne.

Was it difficult to diagnose?
 When I first noticed bumps and pimples on my face, I thought the acne I experienced during my teenage years was back to haunt me. I resumed my anti-acne routine, using harsh astringents, scrubs and anti-bacterial washes, but nothing seemed to help. It was only when I went to visit my dermatologist that I learned I had rosacea. I learned that my do-it-yourself skincare regimen was actually making my symptoms worse and started taking a prescription medication. Now I have my rosacea under control.

You say there are certain things that trigger breakouts, and there are certain things to do and eat. Can you share some of those tips? 
Everyone’s skin is different so the triggers that can cause a flare-up are unique to each individual. However, some of the most common triggers include sun, spicy food, red wine and stress. Keeping track of your personal reactions and when you have a flare-up can help you identify your triggers.

As an actress where looks are ever so important, how difficult was it for you and did you have to educate your make-up artist on how to cover etc? 
It was stressful and embarrassing for me to never know how my skin would look from day to day. I was trying to cover it up with make-up, but make-up was irritating my skin and making it worse.  I talked to my dermatologist who advised me to get on a gentle, sensible skin care routine that was right for me.

Is rosacea contagious and or genetic?
 No, rosacea is not a contagious disease, however there may be some genetic components. Rosacea affects 16 million Americans, often women between the ages of 30 and 60 and people with fair skin.

Are there any treatments for break outs?
 Yes, there are treatment regimens and they should be tailored to each person by a dermatologist, everyone’s skin is different. If you think you might have rosacea, visit a dermatologist to find out the best prescription treatment option for you. There is also a great self-screening quiz on that can help you determine if you have rosacea and a physician finder tool to locate a dermatologist in your area.

Do you have any reservations about allowing your children to watch Sex And The City when the time comes for them? 
Funny you ask, we actually don’t have a television in our house so I haven’t had to think about that yet!



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