Dad Pranks His Kids on YouTube and People Are Questioning If It’s Abuse

Calling Out DaddyOFive

dad pranks kids
Credit: YouTube/ DaddyOFive

Take the parents behind the popular YouTube channel Daddyofive.  Videos on their YouTube channel, which has 759,000 subscribers, range from everyday vlogs to complicated pranks, with the children being the ones pranked mostly. Now, the parents have been accused of exploiting their children for the sake of their pranks.

One recent video, in which they swear at their youngest, sparked a backlash from viewers and YouTubers too. Philip DeFranco, who has five million subscribers on his YouTube channel, criticized the parents for what he called “abuse”.

DeFranco edited clips from a range of videos from Daddyofive to argue his point. In the videos, you’ll see disturbing clips of the children are crying uncontrollably while the parents are yelling.

In one video published April 12, the parents pour ink onto their youngest son Cody’s bedroom floor and then blame him for making the mess. They swear at him angrily for making the mess and when he denies it, they accuse him of lying. Cody then cries hysterically, along with his brother Alex, who is also being pranked.

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