Watch This Dad Dance Like ‘Channing Tatum’ at His Daughter’s School Dance

Lend a Helping Move

Dad dancing
Credit: Facebook/ Tobias Jones

Ray Mason, 51, took his 12-year-old daughter, Sadie, to the father-daughter dance at Caldwood Elementary School in Beaumont, Texas, reports The Huffington Post. It’s not every daughter who is able to take her dad to these dances, and we’re so glad Ray was able to go because it looks like he’s given everyone something to smile about.

The dancing dad wanted to help his daughter settle into her new school, having transferred from another one only two weeks earlier, and what better way than making yourself a viral internet sensation?

[blockquote author=”” pull=”normal”]“Sadie felt like she didn’t have any friends,” Mason said. “I thought it might be a good idea to help her out.”[/blockquote]

And so he did what he does best… he busted some sick moves.

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