Do You Feel Sexually Aroused While Breastfeeding?



Let’s talk about something that I’m sure a lot of us don’t feel comfortable talking about (no pressure or anything). There’s a new report that says more and more women are admitting to feeling aroused while breastfeeding their children. As weird as it might sound, I’m sure it’s more common than we would like to admit, with some mamas saying they experience it to the point of orgasm.

According to Fusion, there’s a new study that says between 33 and 50 percent of women have experienced arousal while breastfeeding, which also includes half of the women reading this point.

While I’m sure this information is going to make a lot of mothers feel uncomfortable, let’s not forget that it’s also completely natural, too. I know it’s awkward because we’re involving our children here, but when it comes to our bodies and stimulation, it’s hard not to deny the signals. Plus, we’re talking about our breasts here.

Here’s a little more:

“It’s common, but women don’t talk about it,” according to Viola Polomeno, an associate professor in the University of Ottawa’s School of Nursing and a sexuality researcher.

“The breast is an erogenous zone,” explained Mary Jo Podgurski, a nurse and childbirth educator in Pennsylvania. “But if a woman feels anything sexual while performing a motherly duty,” she may wonder, “What’s wrong with me?”

The answer is: nothing. Arousal during breastfeeding is completely normal, according to nurses and lactation consultants, and it shouldn’t be a source of shame or anxiety. “It’s not a woman’s choice, it’s how we are wired,” Podgurski told me. “But if a woman knows in advance how this works, she’ll be a little more comfortable with it.”

“It’s something that’s seen as uncomfortable and taboo,” said Polomeno, who has written about the phenomenon extensively. “We know [the arousal] exists, but sometimes it takes academics and researchers to come out and say it.”

In a society in which many mothers out there are still shamed for breastfeeding in public, I can see how this is a topic that many people don’t want to touch let alone admit to. Tell us Hot Moms, what are your thoughts on the subject? Drop us a line in comments section below.

Source via Fusion


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