Drew Barrymore Gets Real About Body After Babies ‘I just don’t have a bikini body’

Drew Barrymore, who turned 40 last February, welcomed her first child Olive in 2012 and her second daughter, Frankie in 2014. Drew has always been one of my favourites in Hollywood so it doesn’t surprise me that she’s opening up to InStyle and telling it like it is, especially about having babies in her late 30’s and not worrying about her body too much.  Drew has always struck me as the type of person who is healthy and takes care of herself, but her kids always come first and she isn’t the type to obsess about getting to the gym every day. When Drew was asked about body image by the magazine she gives one of the most honest answers I’ve ever seen from a celebrity saying;

“I am who I am and I just don’t have a bikini body. I don’t even have a one-piece body anymore, but I am loving the long rash guard, board shorts look. I’ve beaten myself up about not being a certain thing. If someone says, ‘Let’s go to the beach today,’ my first thought is, ‘F*ck, what am I going to wear?’ I remember when Amy Schumer was on Ellen, she called her midsection a ‘lava lamp.’ I thought, ‘That was perfect! That’s what I’ve been trying to say.’ But then I saw her in Trainwreck, and she looked so good in a tiny bra and short skirt. I was like, ‘No you don’t have a lava lamp.'”




I love that even Drew Barrymore gets frustrated by those celebrities who complain about their bodies but who actually really look amazing too! There is nothing quite as enraging as watching a celebrity, who has had their hair professionally blown out and makeup professionally done fresh from a workout with their trainer, complaining about the size of their backside!

Drew certainly had a bit of a reputation as a wild child in her younger days, but age and family seems to have brought a lot of wisdom to the actress, who had this to say when asked about her daughters and what she would tell them about her past;

“I’m not going to pretend to my daughters that I’m pure as the driven snow. The best I can do is open up my heart to them. That’s soul-baring enough. Making bad decisions doesn’t make you a bad person. It is how you learn to make better choices.”

That’s actually some pretty amazing advice.



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