EXCLUSIVE! Ali Landry: Life Is All About Balance, Kids and Chocolate

EXCLUSIVE! Ali Landry: Life Is All About Balance, Kids and Chocolate.

Ali Landry, TV personality, mom and chocolate-lover, is sharing tips with us for finding balance in life – especially when it comes to balancing a healthy lifestyle and time with her kids amongst a busy schedule. It’s incredible how much this mom of 2 accomplishes and still manages to keep herself in great shape! Plus lets face it… don’t you love to hear that someone else is munching a chocolate before they go to bed !

Ali shared with us her tips on balancing a healthy lifestyle for a new mom.  “It really is a balance! For the most part, both my husband and I lead very healthy lifestyles, but we do have our indulgences as well.  We love food, wine and dessert, but because we have a balanced diet we allow ourselves those simple pleasures.

  • Drink lots of water. It keeps me hydrated, it keeps my hair and skin looking healthy and it keeps me fuller for a longer period of time. I always carry a 76oz bottle with me wherever I go, knowing that I have to have it finished by the end of the day.
  • I also eat very healthy during the week, so if I have a dinner party where I may splurge or if I am craving dessert (like chocolate), I don’t have to feel guilty.
  • I try not to skip meals.  It’s very easy to do so when you are busy and running around with the children so I keep healthy snacks like almonds or a piece of fruit in my purse or diaper bag at all times.
  • It’s also important to keep your body moving and do something for yourself.  If I can’t make my spin class or get to to the gym, I go for walks with the kids in the neighborhood or hold Marcelo and do squats or have a dance off with Estela.”

Getting kids to make healthy choices can sometimes be a challenge. On balancing a healthy lifestyle for her children Ali tells us “Alejandro and I try to lead by example and show them how great our bodies feel when we take care of it by eating foods that are good for us and by exercising.

  • I try to make eating healthy fun by having Estela help me make fresh juices. I let her pick the combinations of fruits and veggies she wants to put in it. She loves that and feels like she is doing an experiment.
  • We also make Marcelo’s baby food together and do taste tests to see what we think he will like.
  • I take them both to the farmer’s market with me on Saturdays and talk to the local vendors, asking questions about the fruits and veggies that are in season.
  • We also try to stay active as a family. We go to the park or the beach and run around or watch Alejandro surf.  We all take Estela to ice skating class and then get on the ice together when they open the rink up for public sessions after her lessons.
  • We watch Alejandro play soccer on the weekends (Estela loves to be the cheerleader).
  • We swim a lot as well. I feel that if they see us leading a healthy lifestyle, they will want to do the same.

What is your guilty pleasure? This is where the balance I was mentioning earlier comes into play. I love Chocolate!  I have a piece every single night before I go to bed, for years now. The funny thing is I don’t attach guilt to my little indulgence. I deserve it!  Most recently I am obsessed with Hershey’s Simple Pleasures. The serving size is 6 pieces for 180 calories, only 30 calories each! This chocolate has changed my life!”

Nighttime can be hard for some parents, crankiness and melt downs are sure to happen. Structure and nightly rituals can help make dinner and bedtime a fun family evening … “We do dinner at 6:30, followed by bath time. We then read 2 books, say our prayers and then it’s bedtime. My favorite part is prayer time, when Estela tells me all of the blessings from her day.  She has no idea how this makes me look at my own day and helps me to see all of the blessings that I may have overlooked.”

Winding down after a long exhausting day is not as easy at it sounds. Many of us are still trying to catch up on what we did not get done. But at some point, we have to turn off the phone and computer and relax. Ali has found her own way to unwind  “I usually jump in the bath after I put them down, use some of my favorite body oil by ESPA (I swear, this stuff is like a sleeping pill), I may read a bit,  check my emails , or get on Pinterest and then I curl up next to my hubby, watch 20/20 or 60 minutes, have my piece of chocolate ( favorite part of my ritual) and hopefully fall into a deep sleep.”

Vacations are a great way to unplug and create long lasting memories.  “I would have to say my favorite vacation spots would be Bali, Las Ventanas in Mexico, San Miguel de Allende or the Four Seasons, Maui.”


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