EXCLUSIVE! Jamie Pressly Dishes on… The Princess Bride, Shirley MacLaine And More

EXCLUSIVE! Jamie Pressly Dishes on… The Princess Bride, Shirley MacLaine And More

Jaime Pressly started off as a young model at the age of 15, transitioned into a funny and dramatic actress and her latest role is being a pretty amazing mom! We were excited to hear that Jamie had teamed up with Butterfinger to find the last spokesperson on EARTH!

What is your favorite candy and what is your relationship with Butterfinger! Jaime: Butterfinger has been my favorite candy bar ever since I was a kid, so I was excited to jump on board when they asked me to come in to help find their last spokesperson on Earth!

Tell us about your upcoming movie, Abby in the Summer! Jaime: I play Abby in Abby in the Summer which we shot this past Summer. It’s a great role and film with a really great cast. I have Francis Conroy playing my mother and Robin Thick playing my boyfriend. It’s a really great film festival piece, great little independent film. It’s a drama, so it’s a character in a film that people aren’t used to seeing me play.

Whats your favorite movies to watch or the best movie you’ve seen recently? Jaime: One of my favorite movies to watch of all time is The Princess Bride. It’s one of the best feel-good movies of all time, and it’s the greatest fairy tale, love story and cast ever!

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