EXCLUSIVE! Jennie Garth’s Girls’ Night Out… And Why She Is Fickle About Her Leading Men!

Photography by LULU TAPP

Jennie Garth has had a tough year in the public eye. She is an extremely strong woman who is trying to be the best she can be as a mom and as an individual.

We were excited to chat with her about her “GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT PARTY” (sponsored by Good Carma Studio) where she got a chance to spoil her friends.  It is obvious they are her support system.  As she tells Hollywood Hot Moms, “Girlfriends can relate. I really believe life takes a village. I choose very compassionate, diverse and smart woman for  my village”.



Photography by LULU TAPP

The girls spent the evening sipping on Karma Champagne with Crunchies tropical fruit dropped in for added flavor.  Dinner was prepared by Chef Meg Hall, while dessert was perfectly prepared by Cupcake Wars winner Sweet Arleen’s.  Jennie sent her friends home with Eleven Skin care system (made of all seaweed),  The Krazy Coupon Lady’s “Pick Another Checkout Lane Honey”, Sprayology’s Party Relief and USANA Pure Rest (natural Melatonin) for a good night’s sleep after the party.

Jennie is all about her daughters! She tells us “I’m an extremely nurturing mom. Very ‘free to be you and me.’ But I can also do the ‘tough love’ thing. I believe in boundaries and respect. I appreciate that each of my girls are individuals and need seperate things all the time.  And I want my girls to feel free and beautiful when they are expressing their feelings. Cry if you need to. Scream if you need to”. Her “Fave thing to do is have a picnic. Even if it’s in our backyard ( which it usually is!)”  Laughter and tears seems to be infectious  “Fiona makes me lol constantly. She does little dances. Lola laughs at me because I cry a lot, which I’m used to because my sisters used to do the same thing.  Luca makes me think…which is a good thing. They’re awesome!”.

We couldn’t help but ask Jennie who her favorite actor is or if there anyone she would love to work with?  Every time I see a good movie I have a new favorite actor…I’m fickle!  I have lately been focusing on comedic actors. Zac Galafinakis, Robert Hoffman, Paul Rudd, I am also a big Mark Ruffalo fan.  Those are all men…I guess you can see where my interests are 🙂

Photography by LULU TAPP

Jennie and her girls loved Clean Kids Orange Burst Shampoo and Banana detangler, especially since it is made with all natural ingredients and checked out the most recent Babbabox from Babbaco, featuring all the materials needed for 2-3 crafts a month that Jennie and her girls can have fun creating, while being educational at the same time. Jennie’s girls, who are already fans of Mabel’s Labels, were also excited to get the latest Tween Labels!





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